A Rainy Beginning

Welcome to this new blog! I love writing, but Hong Kong to me is just the same old place, and I won’t have time to write everyday like I did in Japan… so here’s a compromise. It’s not exactly a travel diary – I’ll just let you know whenever I have something worth writing about. Be prepared for a lot of food features!

Hong Kong has been raining nonstop this entire week. Not just light showers, but literally pouring cats and dogs. I’m used to Hong Kong coming down with 過雲雨 (rain that comes and goes very quickly), so often I just find a place and wait out the rain, but these days the rain isn’t the same usual temporary rain. It keeps going and going. It’s definitely not the Hong Kong I’m used to! Nonetheless, I prefer this to the hot and humid weather that I experience every summer here.

2013-09-04 08.47.18

Speaking of that, since it’s not as hot as usual, I’ve been able to walk everywhere. The place where I live in Hong Kong is a bit secluded from everything. You can’t just go downstairs for a 7-11 or fast food – you have to walk a good 15 minutes or so. Of course, there are buses and taxis around the terrace, but there aren’t a whole lot of bus routes that go by the area, and taxis are a bit more expensive (okay well I guess they’re cheap compared to a lot of places… Japan in particular). I used to be very picky about the walk. I thought it was way too far to walk down, and I’d take the bus all the time – even if its just for a 2-minute ride down the hill. Now, after being in Japan for a few months, I seem to feel uncomfortable without the 15 minute walk every day. Not once have I taken the bus from my house yet – I literally walk down to the MTR station every day. Yesterday, I was so bored that I even walked home from the Admiralty MTR Station (even though I live closer to the Wan Chai one). I’m glad the weather is going to get cooler from here, and I can probably continue to walk around everywhere.

Unfortunately, also due to the rainy weather, I haven’t had the mood to check out trails to run along yet. I’ve heard of some nearby, but it’s just a matter of going to check them out, and making sure I know the way along the path. Like I said before, it’s a lot easier to run if you know where you’re going.

I’m going to switch up the style of this blog a bit. Instead of going on and on about a long day, I’ll write shorter posts with a well-defined topic every time. It makes it a bit easier to keep things organized, and also encourages me to write if I don’t have to spend two hours every time I have something to say. Stay posted and remember to subscribe!

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