Langham Place: Hello Kitty x 1960’s Hong Kong

I’ve been to quite a few places already and eaten a heck of a lot of food worth mentioning, but all I want to show you today is an exhibit currently being featured in Langham Place. Hong Kong has many nice malls, but Langham Place is definitely my favourite out of all of them. Okay, well it’s partially due to a drama that aired back in 2006, but the dreamy vibe of the entire building also does a good job of keeping you entranced. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say. This mall likes to change up its exhibits every month or two, and right now they’re on a “Hello Kitty Back to 1960’s (of Hong Kong)” theme. I’ve only seen the 1960’s of Hong Kong on TV, but I know enough about this city to recognize their setup.

2013-09-04 13.29.14 2013-09-04 13.33.21 2013-09-04 13.31.20 2013-09-04 13.28.35 2013-09-04 13.29.01

When there’s some sort of cute exhibit like this, it’s always swarmed with people no matter what time of day you go. Be sure to check it out soon if you’re interested – it’s only there until September 15th!

Langham Place 朗豪坊
8 Argyle Street
Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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