This is Ice Cream Reinvented!

If you followed my previous blog, you might have noticed something different about this one so far – there hasn’t been nearly as many food pictures! I’ve been resisting the urge to turn this into another junk food diary, but today I came across a very interesting ice cream parlour that I just have to share.

2013-09-17 21.03.09

First of all, the idea is not original to me. I had liquid nitrogen ice cream back in high school, when my cool chemistry teacher did these kinds of labs for us (and it definitely increased our interest in his subject!). I also saw an article a while back about a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour that opened somewhere in the States… I’m going to guess San Francisco. So yeah, it’s definitely not as cool to me as to some other people. But what makes this worth blogging about is the fact that its the first time I’ve seen it sold in retail, and this place has the coolest flavours!

2013-09-17 21.06.57

The whole chemistry of it is quite simple, actually. Instead of mixing your ingredients for half an hour in a normal cold environment (say, I don’t know, -30 degrees?), you use liquid nitrogen at -190 degrees. It obviously takes much less time, and then something causes the ice crystals to be smaller, resulting in smoother ice cream. To be honest, I felt that the ice cream we made in chemistry class was quite obviously smoother, while the ice cream here didn’t stand out quite as much. A part of that is because the unique flavours took away the spotlight from the actual selling point of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

This place in particular sells four flavours at a time, and their menu changes every two weeks or so. Since this is the time of Mid-Autumn Festival, they have this one mooncake flavour! We had five people, and so we just got one of every flavour and shared them all. Unfortunately, nobody appreciated the mooncake flavour as much as I did – they all thought it was weird because of the strong taste of 鹹蛋. On the other hand, I’m the type of person that loves trying new things, and I thought it was cool. The custard bun was probably my favourite. The thing that I really like about the flavours is that it actually tastes like what they describe it as. Plus, with the ever-changing menu, it’s a great reason for me to keep coming back!

2013-09-17 21.05.17

Of course, liquid nitrogen is an expensive commodity, and that reflects in the prices as well. For around $40 HKD, you get just two scoops in a small cup, and its not particularly large either. If you want to try more flavours, its best to grab a few friends and split it!

Lab Made 分子雪糕專門店 Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory

One response to “This is Ice Cream Reinvented!

  1. i think i saw this on one of those HK food shows! 😛 haha when i’m back we shall go try different places and blog about them!

    p.s. i’ve started a (new) blog for school & personal purposes! let’s see if i can keep up with it. still have so much to learn/do on it!

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