No Longer Scared

It’s time for another update! My goal is actually to blog at least once a week, but sometimes you just get carried away with other things. Plus daily life really isn’t that interesting.

So last Saturday I went to Ocean Park for their Halloween festival. Previously, the Halloween events were only held in the evening after it got dark, but this year they have it all day long. Yes, you can go into a haunted house at noon, which really doesn’t sound scary at all. To be honest, I wasn’t excited at all for that day. All I could think about were the long line-ups we’d have to endure, and when you compare that to my awesome queue-free evening at Disneyland, it wasn’t appealing at all. But little did I know my brother had everything planned out for us! With the Ocean Park phone app, you can reserve times for the main attractions there – three of four haunted houses and the two biggest roller coasters. Furthermore, the older rides are usually empty these days. If you go before 3-ish, you can probably get on within a 10-minute wait. When we had to wait for our next reserved attraction, we would go see some of the animal exhibits, which almost never have lines. I’d say it’s impossible to go on everything at Ocean Park in a single day, but for the time we had, we did pretty well. At least we did everything I wanted to do.

20131026_094523 20131026_160433 20131026_191541

Look at the difference between the haunted houses in the afternoon and in the evening! There is absolutely nothing scary about a haunted house when its shining broad daylight out…

20131026_125140 20131026_203223

I used to be completely against haunted houses. I didn’t think I’d ever have the guts to go into a haunted house. But last Saturday, I went into all four of them at Ocean Park! And that’s when I realized that haunted houses are all the same, and really not that scary. I must admit, the first one scared me quite a bit, but then once you get out of it and go into the next one, that sense of fear is gone. That’s when I asked myself, what’s the point of these attractions if you don’t feel the emotions to go with it? A haunted house that’s not scary is just another walk in the park. A roller coaster where you don’t feel any g-force is just another ride in a car. In fact, I felt that the newest roller coaster in Ocean Park was designed too well; you can barely feel the weightlessness of freefall. Seriously, if you’re looking to amuse me with rides, I need something like Six Flags. At Disneyland, I was more focused on the themes and decorations, which is why I wasn’t complaining. On the other hand, Ocean Park isn’t exactly known for its themes, so I expect more from the rides and attractions there.

(Okay, I guess there’s this one small section in Ocean Park that is quite pretty. It’s designed after ‘Old Hong Kong’, and I love all the buildings and food stalls there. But aside from that, there really aren’t any ‘theme’ sections.)


Another joyous event to report is the 5th anniversary of our church last Sunday! You know, sometimes I think about our church at home and wonder why it’s still so small after all these years. I mean, it isn’t even the size of a high school! And then now having a church actually dear to me to compare, it puts a lot into perspective. It took us five years to collect a solid 70 people in this church. It’s pretty amazing to be talking about a permanent building after 25 years of history.


As for the weekend that just passed, I finally found a chance to play soccer – the first time in about 3 weeks! It was also my first time playing in an indoor field on the 11th floor of an industrial building. As the name indicates, these buildings were originally built in areas far away from the city center for actual industrial purposes. Nowadays, the practical industrial need for these buildings is diminishing, and all sorts of small businesses are moving in to take advantage of the relatively cheap rent. My brother has a space rented just to put his computer servers. My Gammon safety training was also held in a beautifully renovated floor of a worn-down industrial building from the outside. This soccer pitch was no different. It wasn’t actually that nice inside, and it was even smaller than a standard 5-on-5 indoor field. The ceiling was also quite low – it actually made me feel a bit emotionally constrained. Nonetheless, I had a good time and got a dose of exercise (although not exactly fresh air). Even though it was a tiny field, I still came out exhausted! The one thing I do find quite sad is that two hours on this tiny pitch cost us $1300 HKD. It goes to show that Hong Kong’s population is way too dense!

Finally, I would just like to say that I’m proud of myself for getting up at 7AM to watch the Canucks destroy the Leafs. It was a super exciting game to watch (until the Leafs gave up, that is). Make sure you catch the highlights!

P.S. I received two Canucks-related pieces of mail from some awesome friends. I’m obviously known as a Canucks fanatic!

20131029_215236 20131027_012905

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