Hunting for Christmas – Elements

I hate working on Saturdays. It’s not just the fact that you lose a day of freedom, or you can’t sleep in on the weekend, or having to focus on work when your mind is obviously off elsewhere…. it’s all of it together. I guess the one good thing about Saturdays is that we always make sure we get a good meal for lunch, instead of just going to the Cathay Cargo Terminal for a less-than-average meal. And we get off at 4 instead of 6.

So yesterday, I wasn’t willing to let a Saturday just escape from me because of work. I decided to head to Elements after work, mainly for the sake of chasing some nice Christmas decorations to get myself in a festive mood. For all of you who don’t know, Elements is a mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, but quite far from Tsim Sha Tsui Station. It’s located at Kowloon Station, which is convenient for me coming from the Tung Chung Line. Just for the record, these malls that are located right at MTR stations are usually somehow sponsored by the MTR. As you can see, under the Elements logo, it actually tells you it’s an “MTR Corporation Development”. Maritime Square (at Tsing Yi Station) and Telford Plaza (at Kowloon Bay Station) are no different, and I’m pretty sure there’s other ones too.


I remember visiting this place years ago and getting the impression that this place is huge, but I literally took a 10-minute walk through the place yesterday. None of the stores appealed to be because they were all way above my tier – definitely nothing I’d shop at. The only two stops I made were at Zara and H&M, and still I bought nothing. That’s okay, since I mainly wanted to enjoy the Christmas decorations. I wasn’t super disappointed, but there wasn’t as much as I expected either.

This year, it appears that their biggest sponsor is a German company, so a lot of their decorations came with the feel of a German Christmas Market. I miss that! Two years ago, I went to the one in Vancouver (near CBC Headquarters) and last year I visited the one in the Distillery District in Toronto. I’m sure neither of them are as authentic as the ones in Germany, but they’re still very Christmas-y and a really pleasant walk to take. Anyway, the decorations at Elements did a good job of reminding me of those times, although it’s still a pretty different spin to it. I’m sure locals in Hong Kong wouldn’t have the same sense of nostalgia as me when faced with these ornaments. They might not even appreciate the beauty of these Christmas markets! That’s actually one of the things I’ve noticed in Hong Kong – they always try to incorporate a lot of different cultures in their themes and events, but I’m not sure anyone actually understands them when they see it.

20131116_165247 20131116_165747 20131116_165821 20131116_165851

I also saw this really cute advent calendar at a nice chocolate store (La Maison du Chocolat). It’s so pretty! And a much more useful decoration than your average boring advent calendar. I didn’t check the price, but judging by the store decor and just the fact that it’s location in Elements, it’s probably not cheap.


I can’t believe it’s already halfway through November. It feels like just yesterday when I was excited about the early Christmas ornaments coming out! As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, I’m going to try and hit up as many malls as possible; just to see all the decorations, and enjoy the Christmas spirit. It’s so exciting to think about the upcoming month!

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