Holly Brown and All That

If there is one hype they have here that I really don’t understand, it’s the whole thing about ice cream at Holly Brown. For those who don’t know, Holly Brown is a chain of cafe + ice cream parlour here in Hong Kong. Since it’s a Western name, I thought it came from somewhere else, but from what I hear it’s actually only around in Hong Kong (correct me if I’m wrong though! I only heard from others). Anyway, all the locals I’ve met here are really excited about what they call “炒雪糕”. It literally translates to “fried ice cream”, but its not fried, its just mashed up with a bunch of goodies and treats on top – exactly like what we have at Cold Stone Creamery or Marble Slab Ice Cream!



Of course, ice cream is never bad. It’s just not as good as you’d expect it to be, given the huge hype over it. I may be a bit biased – I never really liked Marble Slab that much either – but if you ask me, McFlurries and DQ Blizzards (oh, how I miss DQ!) are so much better!

(Throw frozen yogurt on that list as well… especially that place at Steveston Village with the fresh fruits and waffle cones made right in front of you. Timothy’s, is it?)

Anyway, if you’re interested in trying Holly Brown, you can find it all over the place in Hong Kong. Expect to pay around $50-$60 for one of their creations, so it’s definitely not cheap, but their cafes are nicely decorated and the vibe is quite nice. I wouldn’t mind paying to sit there and write for two hours.

20131119_220852 20131119_220858

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