Back to the Collecting Game

It wasn’t too long ago when I was collecting 7-11 stamps for the One Piece figurines. After a short break, we’re already back on it! This time it’s the Hello Kitty 40th anniversary collection. Well, we say Hello Kitty, but it actually includes Sanrio characters of all sorts.



The picture above only shows about half of the whole collection. More toys will be released in mid-January! This event is a pretty lengthy one.



Luckily, I’m not really that into Sanrio… except for this one character. (How can you resist him? He’s just too cute!) So here I am, collecting away again just to get three out of the 30 toys that will eventually be released. The good news is, our whole bunch of kids at work are also collecting together, and we each have our own characters that we like. We’re pretty much a communist bunch – just group up and share.

Stamps work the same way as the previous campaign. From what I’ve heard though, this collection probably won’t be worth as much as the previous One Piece collection. 7-11 comes out with Sanrio characters all the time, but One Piece was a really special thing for Hong Kong. The (unofficial) prices skyrocketed with those toys!


Happy collecting!

One response to “Back to the Collecting Game

  1. love,
    I’ve been offline since we last talked to help myself focus on studying. I just accidentally turned on the wifi signal on my phone and whatsapp downloaded your latest message.
    (funny enough, i was just trying to cram in another chapter from my health psych textbook an hour ago, which is on death and coping. but what can i tell you from the textbook that is helpful? that, i’m not so sure about hahahahaha (i rly don’t like this textbook, the way it’s written/the stuff that it says is just overall, bad) )

    first of all, pls don’t feel useless. there isn’t a right/best way to help anyone cope. the human heart is best for these very “human” moments in life.
    hey, what does your heart say? call him? or maybe even a text msg to let him know you’re thinking of him/praying/feeling lost about how to respond?
    i’m sure you’ll figure it out. let me know if you need a call! i think we have unlimited long distance to asia 🙂 or skype/email (my email is nearly always opened)

    as for the concert, wow!!! even i’m excited, just because i know how much you love him. i hope you enjoyed the concert nonetheless, afterall, music/a good show doesn’t always have to be enjoyed when one is excited, music is good therapy for the soul.

    thanks for telling me! i miss you. after this health psych exam on wednesday i’ll be back on whatsapp
    love you xoxo

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