Hunting for Christmas – Causeway Bay

I said I wanted to go around hunting for Christmas decorations around Hong Kong, and I still do, but I realized that I just haven’t had time! I’m always too exhausted to go out after work. Time is limited on weekends. I wish I could go out more, but no matter how you cut it, there are only 24 hours in a day.

Nevertheless, there is one place pretty close to home that I’ve been able to walk past every now and then. Causeway Bay! I didn’t plan my trips, but usually I just find myself in the area on my way home or something, and I’d snap a picture. After a few convenient stops in this attractive area, I’ve finally collected enough pictures to share!


This would be the plaza right outside Times Square – they always have some sort of thing going on here. I think their Christmas decorations are a bit odd; they probably have some sort of theme or story behind it, and it most likely has something to do with the sponsor of all these ornaments, but I didn’t see it. Whatever – they still attracted quite a lot of people to take pictures!

20131205_213318 20131205_213327

Inside Times Square, there’s these decorations – still the same cartoon animals. I really like the house in the background!


Looking into the display of one of the stores, you see this – something I’d expect to see on the streets of downtown Vancouver. There’s something not quite right though… the fact that it’s not on the street, but instead, inside a mall. The visuals are telling me its Christmas, but the feeling isn’t there.


Once you head over past the Sogo part of Causeway Bay and towards Victoria Park, there’s more ground-level stores. The decorations there are also a lot nicer! Among those is this tree of Santa Claus toys, “knitted with love”.

20131207_144643   20131207_144705 20131207_144656

These Santas covering the fences are also adorable! They’ve got to be my favourite so far!

Today is already the 11th of December. Christmas is in a mere two weeks! Time to try a bit harder with the Christmas hunting!

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