Hunting for Christmas – Maritime Square

I remember posting a few pictures from Maritime Square about a month ago, when the decorations were all just starting to come up, but they weren’t actually done yet. The fence was still up around the main exhibit, and a lot of the other attractions were missing. This time, I have a few more pictures to show.


Obviously, Paddington Bear is the main character of this thing. I don’t remember much about this cartoon, but it’s cute, so who cares? It definitely looks a lot better than the weird floating head outside Times Square.





Gosh, these conductor Paddington Bears are simply adorable! I love their uniforms and how they stand so straight.





I’m sure there’s some promotion where if you spend X amount of dollars, you can get a Paddington Bear gift. But I’m just in it for the decorations. I think I’m (finally) past the collecting everything stage of life… I still like toys, but I thankfully I only have a handful of characters I like enough to collect.

OK, I guess that’s not much more than I had before, but Maritime Square is kind of a tiny mall. (It’s definitely another one of those MTR-sponsored malls). You can have a cool picture of the food court if you like though… or is it a restaurant? I don’t know.



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