Hunting for Christmas – Tsim Sha Tsui

I heard quite about the decorations at Harbour City quite a while ago, but I didn’t get a chance to check them out until now. I’ve been pretty excited for this actually, because my friends told me they went all in this year with the decorations… but before we get to that, let’s start at i-Square.


This is a relatively new mall, although I’m pretty sure it’s been around for 4 or 5 years by now. There’s nothing much in here aside from a really nice theatre at the top. There are theatres everywhere in Hong Kong, but not all of them play good quality IMAX movies. This one, the one at Elements, and also one at Megabox are three of the only theatres that do offer IMAX.


Getting a headache with your Christmas shopping? Log-on is a cool store for unique gifts, kind of like Urban Outfitters. It’s also a bit overpriced, so if you can find the same item elsewhere, it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper there. I usually like to window shop for gift ideas in here, then try to find it somewhere else.


Apparently this 1881 Heritage thing is actually a heritage site, but renovated. It’s nice, but it’s been renovated so much that it doesn’t even look like a heritage site! It’s full of stores that I will never be able to afford, so I don’t even bother walking in. But the lights sure are festive!



Once you get over to Ocean Terminal, you see this scene. There are people everywhere! It’s a Disney Christmas theme this year, so of course people are trying to get pictures with all the cute ornaments. It’s a hectic square, and if you want pictures, be prepared to squish with everyone else.


In the middle, they have these huge ornaments with Disney characters inside. So cute! I took pictures of all of them, just for you guys.










We never walked into Harbour City, but it seems like the highlights are all outside. No wonder people told me its a “grand production” this year. These decorations are definitely the nicest ones I’ve seen so far!

And finally, here’s a little set-up inside the Marco Polo Hotel (next to Ocean Terminal). Not as cute as the Disney ornaments, but it gives you a classic Christmas feel.


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