Hunting for Christmas – Langham Place

For those that have followed me for long enough (and still remember), one of my first posts was about Langham Place. Even though every mall has pretty much the same stuff inside, this one has been my favourite for years. There’s a super long escalator that brings you up to the top, and as you slowly spiral down, there are all these constellation figures along the way that makes it seem like a beautiful galaxy. And the best part is, they always have the most adorable exhibits at the atrium!


Before walking in, I already saw this outside the main entrance. It kind of tells you that there must be something nice inside.


This is the first long escalator that takes you up to something like level 6? (Don’t take my word for it though). Then there’s another long one up to the top, which is like level 12 or 13. That’s where the constellation walk starts!


If you bypass the first long escalator, you’ll hit the food court with a huge open space in the middle. It’s currently occupied by a winter Sanrio exhibit. Well, as I showed you yesterday, Tsim Sha Tsui was doing Disney, so it’s only fitting that Sanrio is somewhere around the corner…


At one of the counters, they had Christmas postcards to give out. I made my friends play it until we got a Minna no Tabo card. 😀 If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a Russian winter theme, hence the Russian nesting dolls.


No matter what costume he’s in, he’s still adorable! And here’s the rest of them, just for your own enjoyment.







After taking pictures with all the characters, we went up the very top, and this is the view that you get. It always looks magical, but even more so with the winter lights and decorations!


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