The Boring Details In Between

Here’s me again with a bunch of pictures I want to talk about from all over Hong Kong, but only a sentence or two to say about each one. It’s photo dump time!

20131123_141837 20131123_140550

I was wandering out by myself on a Saturday when I came across this stall right outside the Wan Chai MTR Station. There’s interesting food all over the place in Hong Kong, but this place really caught my attention because of their Shanghai-style lamb noodles. This place wasn’t amazing – not bad, but not a first choice. I miss my favourite Shanghainese restaurant in Vancouver!


Right across from where I work is the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, and I’ve always noticed these electric vehicle chargers when I go over for lunch. I hope we’ll see more of these in the near future! By the way, in case you’re hesitating about an electric vehicle – did you know that the fastest chargers will get you vehicle from 0% to 80% charged in an hour? Those will definitely be found at the HKG Airport soon. If you’re taking a long journey to the airport to send a friend off, you can say your goodbyes over a cup of coffee, and when you come out, your car will have enough energy to get you home!


This delicious mountain is a dessert at TeaWood, a popular restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Taiwanese cuisine. Well, at least it is popular for now… you know how Hong Kong goes through phases quickly. The actual dinner menu is quite average (almost any Taiwanese restaurants in Richmond tastes better), but most people just for the dessert toast. Now this plate is definitely something special! Just be prepared for a long lineup when you get there, especially around 6-9 PM… you’re looking at about an hour wait at least.


This is my favourite mode of transportation – the tram! The best thing about it is that the price never changes no matter how far you go. You can take it from one side of Hong Kong to the other and you’ll still pay $2.3. It used to be $1, but I guess inflation was bound to hit.


Speaking of the tram, isn’t this station interesting? It’s actually isolated in the middle of the road, with no crosswalks for you to get there safely. This part of Hong Kong is a bit quieter than some other parts, but during rush hour it can still get crazy. It’s like they’re encouraging you to jaywalk!


I didn’t learn a lot of Japanese over the summer, but I do know that umai = delicious! Although I didn’t actually try this place, so I don’t know how good it is…


Look at all that Ovaltine-flavoured ice cream! I didn’t see any of this before, even at other branches of 7-11, and all of a sudden one day I just stumble upon it. I didn’t try anything (which is totally unlike my personality), but I’ll make sure I do next time!



This glass bottle of Vitasoy is available in convenience stores during the winter. What’s so special about it? It’s warm! Apparently, this drink makes up the childhood memories of many of my friends here. I have no special feelings toward it, but it was a good first.


Now this is truly interesting. This special product by Malteaser only comes out around Christmastime, but it clearly says MaltEaster… I’m a bit confused, and I think the people are as well. As for the chocolate itself, it’s just as sweet as the normal Malteasers, but less crunchy. I prefer the original.


And finally, it’s a beautiful sunset out from my office. Work is ridiculously tiring, but seeing this pretty scene always lifts my spirits a bit on my way home!

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