Great Expectations

Having detailed out my last memories of 2013 in the previous post, I find it only natural to write about what I’m looking forward to this year. Speaking of which, don’t you always find that even-numbered years are a lot better? Maybe it’s because last year just happened to be 2013… because I know somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s a strong connotation with Friday the 13th. Every time I picture “2013” in my head, it’s some sort of gloomy and rainy day.

Furthermore, there’s also the Olympic Games and Euro/World Cup every time we hit an even year. (Okay, there’s the Women’s World Cup in 2015, but I bet most people didn’t know that). Did I mention that I’m super pumped for the Sochi Olympics? The last Winter Olympics, hosted in Vancouver, was amazing. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get to be a part of a 2-week, city-wide party like that. While it’s a bit strange to think that it’s been four years since 2010, these upcoming Winter Games will definitely bring back some good old memories to reminisce about. Sadly, I’m stuck in a city that doesn’t really care about the Winter Olympics… actually, they don’t really care about any Games that aren’t hosted/dominated by China.

(Aside: Yes, I’m still a bit angry about my 2012 spent in Hong Kong. I will never forget the day after watching an amazing Opening Ceremony hosted by London, only to be greeted by Hong Kong locals that all had the same thing to say: “I didn’t watch last night, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the Beijing Opening Ceremony”. Oh really.)

Anyway, I’m excited for whatever show of Russian culture that Sochi has to offer. Whatever the time zone difference works out to be, you can count on me to follow Team Canada through the hockey tournament as well!

Of course, the other major festival to look forward to is Chinese New Year, which is approaching even faster than Sochi Olympics. As a member of the Chinese community growing up in Vancouver, I’ve celebrated Chinese New Year every year. It’s been quite a while since I saw my last lion dance, but usually we would go visit friends and relatives to send our blessings of good fortune for the new lunar year. Even in Toronto, I had a church family to celebrate Chinese New Year with. I guess it comes with the whole “being born Chinese” package. This year, I’m expecting an even bigger ‘over-the-top’ celebration, especially since I’m situated in a unicultural Chinese city. Everyone gets at least 3 days off for the festivities (high school students get 2 weeks off!), so it’s not a good time for vacation, but at least I’ll have a few days to catch my breath from work overload.

What else? A few weddings, my trip home, starting school again (as sad as it sounds, I really do enjoy school), all upcoming for 2014. Lots of movies to be excited for. And you know, just the unknown. It’s something that I was too naive to be scared of a few years ago, and then I matured too much to accept it, and finally I’m at a comfortable position with it. The feeling of fear with faith. It’s still scary, but it’s a good kind of scared.

As this adventure continues rolling forward, I get a better and better understanding of why people say the best is yet to come!

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