Going Coconuts

The other day I was walking through 7-11 and randomly stumbled across a bottled coconut milk drink. I like the flavour of coconut, so I decided to try it, and guess what? That moment marked the start of my current coconut fetish. I went online and looked up all the great health benefits of coconut, and since then, I’ve been shopping for a nice virgin coconut oil. Turns out it isn’t very common here in Hong Kong! I tried to ask some people at the local supermarkets, and they haven’t even heard of it before. You have to go to a more upscale (and expensive) supermarket, such as CitySuper, before you can find these kinds of things.


Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and part of the whole holiday thing comes the special edition 7-11 Sanrio toys! Starting yesterday, you can redeem your stamps for the CNY edition toys until they run out of stock. People were actually lining up at 8 AM for the toys. Crazy! But since one of the characters was Tabo, I went for the special edition and finally found my first Tabo collectible. The lion head is super cute!


(Just for the record, here’s the rest of them sitting on my desk…)


I mentioned before that Chinese New Year decorations are all going up, and most of them can’t really compare to the pretty Christmas lights. Langham Place is always my go-to place for decoration hunting, so here we are! The Christmas Sanrio collection was heaps more cute than these horses, but in comparison to other CNY displays, I think I’d still prefer this one. If only the flowers were real… but then again, I’m probably expecting too much 😛

20140124_202701 20140124_202242 20140124_202353 20140124_202645

P.S Still haven’t found a brand of coconut oil to satisfy me yet. Any recommendations out there?

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