It’s a Canadian Game

We are now almost done with the Olympics. All that’s left is a few more events, and some gold medal games. Surprisingly enough, I have still yet to watch a single event live… I even struggle to catch up with the highlights every day after work. I’ve already made the Olympics a priority over my Korean dramas, but there are too many other priorities in life… Wednesday church, catching up with friends, and most importantly, sleep. Don’t worry though; I’ve seen all the Canadian medal moments. I did manage to catch the 9th and 10th ends of the women’s curling final (a match very well played), but sadly, I have to regret going to sleep instead of staying up for the women’s hockey final… even if it was at 1:30 AM on a late Thursday night.

Oh yeah, did I mention that there are absolutely no events being aired live on HK television? Not even matches involving China. Funny enough, they do upload full competitions for you to watch the next day, but I can’t follow anything live. And with Facebook/Whatsapp/other media these days, there’s no point in watch an entire match after it’s played… you’ll never be able to escape the spoilers. Even if I’m willing to stay up for the games, it’s a lot harder for me to actually catch any sport at all.

I guess I’m so hooked onto the Winter Olympics because there are so many events that truly represent Canadian culture. What I mean is, it’s not just a few people that happen to be really good at that sport, or trained from a young age just to grab the spotlight for their country. (I’m not naming names here, but you all know who I’m talking about). Literally, 9 out of 10 Canadians watch hockey, and so many of us play either professionally or recreationally. My favourite example is curling, because when you think about it, it’s such a ridiculous sport. People are sweeping on the ice as you play a life-size game of chess. When you win, it’s like being the champion of the chess club, you know? Not for the cool kids. And yet, so many of us, including me, are proud to be good at curling. In fact, I’ve even tried curling before, in both elementary and high school… it’s something they introduce to kids because like I said, it’s part of the culture. (By the way, this is just my opinion – if you’re a curler, I’m sure you’re cool (Y)).  Of course, it’s nice to see us dominate in any sport, whether it’s the Winter or Summer Olympics, but the Winter Olympics are a lot more meaningful.


P.S The weather is looking nice these days. It makes long work hours so much harder because you want to be out in the sun!

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