A Proud Canuck

So the Winter Olympics have been over for like a week now, and I no longer need to catch the highlights every night. Canada did pretty well, if I may say. Super proud of my country! I actually spent Sunday night watching the gold medal hockey game at a pub in Wan Chai. The number of Canadian fans there was phenomenal. I could not believe how packed the place was, and mostly full of red and white shirts too. It made me feel right at home! Obviously we didn’t get seats, but neither did most of the people there, and we still had a great time cheering on Canada to victory.

2014-02-23 20.25.42

2014-02-24 01.41.23

(Let me share a funny moment – a friend told me that he was finding entertainment in videos of Canadians celebrating the hockey win. He’s not Canadian…. he won’t understand.)

Given that I got home at 1 AM that night, and I had work the next morning, I’ve been a bit more exhausted than usual this week. I have been prepared for the consequences since making that decision on Sunday night, so I soldiered on as best I can over these past few days. Previously, when I’ve been super busy or I lost one day of good sleep, the simple act of existing would seem like a difficult task. This time around, I still feel tired, but I just don’t feel dead, you know? I went out every weekday, from dinners to church to alone writing time to a wedding. Of course I’m physically tired, but my spirit is alive and well. It feels great.

I think I mentioned I’m not too shabby at baking, but today I made chocolates for the first time! I never used to understand why people made chocolates, because you were pretty much just melting chocolate and letting it harden again into chocolate. Well, at least now I know you’re not hardening the exact same piece of chocolate – you at least add something to it. Not to mention that making chocolate is actually really difficult… I mean, chocolate is just a difficult ingredient in general. Hold onto it too long, and you’ll get it all over your hands. Actually, it’s just a messy food period, no matter what you do…

2014-03-01 15.25.39

Nothing much else, I guess. I’ve been really into old HK-style candies and treats, and recently I’ve been stumbling onto them more than usual. One of the stores is close to where I live, on Wan Chai Road, and that’s also where I saw the 叮叮糖. This candy is something I’ve seen in HK television dramas, but never tried it for myself until now. It’s literally just an entire piece of sugar, but my coworkers seem to like it. I don’t fancy it so much. Then, there’s also this stall at Tsing Yi Station that appears on random days. The old lady sells dragon beard candy, and another treat that I don’t even know what it’s called, but I do remember having it before when I was young and we still took snacks to school for recess. It’s like a crepe with a honeycomb of sugar inside, along with white sugar and sesame to make it a bit savoury. I love it! Tastes just like elementary school 🙂



2014-02-27 18.49.10

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