Getting Ready to Fly!

With just one week left before I head back to Vancouver, it suddenly feels like I have a billion things to do and nowhere near enough time. It’s dinner after dinner after shopping lists to fulfill. In the little time I do have left, I have been trying to go around visiting different cafes for some writing inspiration. So far, I’ve only been to two new places, both in Wan Chai, but they’re both really nice. Perfect for my alone time.

2014-03-07 19.33.25

As any kid would tell you, a flight experience is exciting. For me though, after 3 years of flying back and forth between school in Toronto and home in Vancouver, it is becoming less and less of a thing. Even though I’m faced with a long-haul flight next week with a stop in Narita, I find myself feeling quite calm at the thought of it. Of course I’m excited to head home, but a lot of the excitement that once was comes from the flight itself – and for me, much of that has faded away. I guess it’s just another part of growing up?

Speaking of travelling, there’s another part of it that I used to love, but now it’s just plain annoying. Packing! I remember being 10 years old, and getting my bags ready at least a week before our scheduled departure, even if it was only a short trip. Then you get older, and you leave less and less time for this activity… and one day you’ll be at the point where it’s the night before your flight and you go “OH NO, I have so much left to pack and so little time”. That’s how it was like in Japan, and that’s how I imagine it will play out on Wednesday night. Being aware of this problem makes no difference – watch me procrastinate and stress out nonetheless.

2014-03-13 14.55.26

The other thing I’m busy with doing is finishing all my work before I leave for vacation! Despite me having a super low title at work, it doesn’t mean I have any less to do. To be honest, I feel like a lot of the things we do are super unnecessary. For example, all our drawings are done on the computer, using software like AutoCad and Microstation… yet we still have to do material take-off by hand. I’m 100% sure there’s software out there that will do it for us if everything is already in digital form. That’s not even the biggest issue. What’s worse is that there are tons of problems with our coordination. Pipes from one team crashes into the fire services pipes for another team. So we spend endless manhours ironing out all these concerns, only to have all everything thrown out the window at the actual site because nobody actually works according to the drawings. This makes no sense! We rush all our works and start building before things are out on paper because we’re behind schedule. Yet nobody really thinks about what happens when we have to take apart things and redo it because we never really collaborated on it in the first place.

Sometimes I wonder if this happens at Bombardier or Boeing. I can’t imagine it being quite as bad as this. I mean, I’m working on a very standard construction project that this company has done many times before. The main design is already provided by the contractor, and basically we just build it for them. Sure, every building is different, but for the most part, the trademasters have enough experience to know what to do even without a drawing. On the other hand, aerospace engineering companies are a lot more innovative. They do their own research on how to continually improve their existing design. The main point is that they’re looking to make something new – something nobody else has done before. It has to be significantly different from their previous plane to have a selling point. And who knows how much money they would have to invest into finding out nothing before they come to a great design epiphany? For that reason, I just can’t imagine them wasting any more money in building something before they’re sure it’ll work out. Of course I don’t have any experience in that area, but it’s just my trail of thought.

When you pack, it’s always interesting to see what you can find. For example, I just realized that I have more Japanese Yen than Canadian Dollars. What?!

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