A Happy Day

We’re not yet at Easter weekend, but already you feel a huge difference on the streets of Hong Kong. Just like with the Chinese New Year holiday, we get three days off for Easter, and so everyone takes this opportunity to go out and get a few extra vacation days. There are fewer people in at the office, shorter line-ups at the cashier, and overall it’s a less crowded city.

Speaking of Easter, sometimes I wonder how many people actually know the meaning behind this holiday. True meanings behind Easter and Christmas seem to be much more easily forgotten in this busy city. Everyone is rushing to get out of here, excited for a few days of no work, and stores definitely take advantage of any reason for a sale – but I don’t feel much spirit. For sure, there isn’t much Christmas spirit, and although Easter hasn’t really come by yet, I don’t feel any Easter spirit either.

Now you’re probably thinking, what is Easter spirit anyway? Christmas spirit is a common phrase, and when you think of what Christmas really means – the gift of Christ coming into Earth – you can see why Christmas spirit is characterized by gifts of blessings for other people. On the other hand, this period of Lent leading up to Easter is supposed to be solemn, but the actual day of Easter is about the resurrection of Christ, and that’s where “happy day” comes in! Yes, while the Easter bunny and egg hunts are fun and all, there are better reasons to be happy during Easter. Naturally, as we get closer to this day, my Easter spirit comes out in the form of joy. I guess there are still a lot of joyous remarks going around about the 3 days off work (and rightfully so, in this ridiculously over-worked city!), but for the most part, this Easter spirit is overlooked.

I have a few activities planned for this upcoming Easter weekend, including some hikes and a BBQ – quality time outdoors before it gets too hot! – but the most exciting thing is definitely our new church service times starting this Sunday! Instead of one service at 3PM, we will be having one at 11AM, and one at 2PM. Including our Wednesday 7PM service, that’s 3 meetings a week! It’s so great to see our church grow.

2014-04-16 20.02.00

Have a great Easter weekend!

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