A Mind Full of Scorpions

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going out more than usual, yet I’m lacking inspiration. The rain is still pouring on and off – literally, there are random peaks of 過雲雨 every day – but it’s nothing to do with the rain. It’s just that my mind is really full these days. That sounds ironic, eh? I bet you’re thinking, a full mind should mean a lot of topics to write about. But the truth is, “it is hard to fill a cup that is already full” (if anyone remembers, a quote from Avatar). My mind isn’t a blank sheet of paper right now. It’s a sheet that is so full, I can’t find any space to expand this brainstorm. It’s actually such a pity that I can’t find something to talk about, because like I said before, life is beautiful. All it takes is for you to open your eyes and appreciate the beauty around you! Of course, all this being said, it’s not that I have been unhappy. In fact, far from it! Every day has been joyful and exciting. It’s just that I have more than just the “small boring details in between” to occupy my mind these days.

Let’s go back to a topic I had in mind a long time ago. I was thinking about the close relationship between my group of coworkers, and how we each make voluntary contributions to our junk food stash. As a joke, our group adopted the label “communist”, and I was pondering, this idea of communism actually works to an extent. Family economics are the same thing, When you have a group of people you truly care about and you are willing to be selfless for them, then very naturally, you’ll want to adopt this mindset of “sharing is caring”. But once you open up your circle to more people, especially people you don’t have a relationship with, you find it hard to work for the good of these people. When your group is the size of a country, it’s pretty much impossible to ignore your selfish desires, because you can’t trust everybody to work as hard for you as you are doing for them. Yet all this is possible through Christ! While you don’t have a relationship with everybody else in church, you do have a relationship with Jesus, and that’s enough for you to trust this fellowship that brings everyone together. Up until now, I’ve always had a negative connotation associated with ‘communism’, but when I think about it in this sense, it’s not so bad after all.

Hmm… what’s upcoming? The month of June, which means ridiculously humid and hot weather and maybe some typhoons after this rainy season passes. The World Cup just around the corner, which I probably will not follow aside from the final match. I barely know any of the players anymore! And of course, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are still ongoing. I’m still rooting for the Habs, despite Carey Price being out!

P.S I should explain the title. It has nothing to do with anything in this post whatsoever, aside from the fact that this Shakespeare quote happened to be the first thing that popped into my mind at the thought of “a full mind”.

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