Top of Hong Kong

From a few posts a week to now just once a week. Not exactly the trend I was trying to set, but I’m still working hard on it!

The most interesting thing that has been happening is still the weather. After a series of crazy angry rains, I’m now blessed with scorching summer weather every day! The thing is, every now and then I still come across a random 10-minute downpour that passes as quickly as it arrives. Just the other morning, I saw a beautiful day and so I went out for a run at 8 AM. Literally one minute later, the moment I step out of my apartment, the rain pours down. I ended up waiting under a tree in front of my house for around seven minutes, and got completely soaked. I don’t even know why I didn’t go back upstairs to wait it out. Oh wells. The run still ended up happening, and it was good.

(Look at the huge difference between blue skies on the left and the rain cloud on the right!)


It’s now been two weeks since this event, but yeah, two weeks ago we held our Pure Women’s Conference at church. It was great – very inspirational messages about self-image, confidence, sense of security, and other girly topics. If I could only pick one thing to share out of all the great words of wisdom I picked up that day, it would be this: God made you to be the best you. When we compare ourselves with other people and ‘wish we could be like them’, we can only ever be number two, because God didn’t design you to be the same person as somebody else! It is a great reminder for me to embrace myself and be happy to be me.


Aside from the messages, we had lots of delicious food. Red velvet cupcakes again. I’m getting better at this!


Hmm… what else? I had the luxury of visiting the Sky 100 observation deck last week, which is the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) at Kowloon Station. The tower itself is taller than than Victoria Peak, but the observation deck level isn’t. So technically the Peak Lookout is still the highest observation deck in Hong Kong. Still, you can get a beautiful 360-degree view over Kowloon, and over to Hong Kong Island. The sunset was covered by clouds that day, but a bit of it was still visible, and you can imagine how pretty it would look on a clear day!





Two months left in Hong Kong! Our project is going crazy fast. I went to visit the site two days ago, and already its unrecognizable compared to the last time I was there. Whaaaaaat!?



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