Dragon Boat Festival Adventures

For the past few weeks, I’ve been saying I have nothing to write about. All of a sudden, this week hits and I have too many adventures and too little time to detail them all out for you! So let’s get caught up.

Monday was a public holiday in Hong Kong, known as the Dragon Boat Festival. I didn’t know this until my cousin told me, but dragon boating and rowing are two completely different things. Dragon boating only uses your arm strength, whereas rowing (ie. the Olympic sport) takes strength from your whole body. I haven’t tried either one before, but I can imagine how dumb dragon boating must seem to someone who is used to rowing. So anyway, of course there were dragon boat races being held around Hong Kong (I saw a ton of my friends go to Stanley, which looked like an awesomely fun day), but I didn’t go.

With a free day in hand, I decided to go check out Noah’s Ark in Ma Wan. It’s obviously themed after Noah’s Ark, and I’d say it’s like a theme park for little kids. The whole building is a real-sized model of Noah’s ark (according to the details in the Bible), and there are a few live animals – not much. Then the rest of it is just exhibits, some Bible stories, short films, and other playrooms… mostly for kids. There isn’t enough information on Noah’s ark to fill up this entire place, so they made a secondary theme on environment. It does remind me of Science World, but I like Science World a lot more. At least the science they teach you is a lot more sophisticated! Anyway, it’s one of those places that I’m open to check out, but I wouldn’t go again.




One upside of Noah’s Ark is that it’s situated in a beautiful location. Monday also happened to be a beautiful day (although it was ridiculously hot), so it still ended up very enjoyable! There’s a beach at Ma Wan, and it’s also a great place to take pictures of the Tsing Ma Bridge, in case anybody is interested.




(Check out the huge difference between high-tide and low-tide!)

Oh yeah, Ma Wan is a bit secluded – you have to take buses from quite specific locations. Tsing Yi is where I boarded, and finally I went to check out the promenade there. When I take the MTR  to work, I literally see this place every day, but I never really took the time to step outside. When you are on board the MTR, it looks beautiful, but the view you actually see isn’t all that nice. Across the water is a cemetery, and then to the right there is a cargo container terminal which ruins the scenery. To your left is a very pleasant city view.



Finally, since it was the Dragon Boat Festival, I had to eat some traditional food to celebrate. I don’t really remember eating 粽子 for the past few years at all, and all of a sudden I just decided I wanted to bring out that Chinese culture in me. A sweet reminiscence of my childhood!


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