School’s (Almost) Out!

This week has been interesting. I don’t remember which day it was exactly, but one day I went out for work as usual, and all of a sudden I realized that there were no kids on the street heading to school. School’s out! My summer vacation starts next Friday as well, and I simply cannot wait.

I went to Stanley on Saturday for another random walk – something I haven’t done since maybe October of last year. It’s a super tourist place, and there’s nothing to really ‘do’, but the atmosphere makes it an enjoyable area. Just like Discovery Bay last week. It’s always nice to get away from the city, and it really makes me appreciate how nice it is to live where I do in Vancouver – on the suburbs, away from the busy lives of everyone, yet still close enough for a short commute to work and to enjoy it every once in a while.



I sent my nice camera back to Vancouver when I arrived in Hong Kong last year, because I’ve been here enough times already. I know what there is to see, and I’ve pretty much done all of it already. But with just one month left here in Hong Kong, and half a month off work for me to enjoy myself, I asked someone to bring it back for me – along with my tripod, which I got as part of my camera bundle but I never actually used it before. I had to search up a YouTube video tutorial to learn how to use my own tripod… pretty sad. Well, at least I know now!

On Sunday, I suddenly found myself in China for a day. I took the morning ferry over to Zhuhai, and on the way, I saw the construction of the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge. I also see evidence of the bridge every day on my way to work, near the Hong Kong airport, and also last week when I went to Macau for a one-day trip. Hong Kong’s construction industry is crazy! I can’t believe this bridge will be finished by 2016. I’m not really sure if I would want to cross it, either. I’m sure it’s safe, but there’s just something I don’t like about the feeling of the ocean and nothing else… which is how it’s going to seem like when your halfway along a 30-minute journey over this long bridge. My friend said the same thing when she was on a cruise, and that’s a vehicle designed for the water. Now imagine the same thing, but in a vehicle designed for land. Can you see my fears?


By the way, the opened a Lan Fong Yuen in the mall section of the Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal. It was originally a dai pai dong-type restaurant in the upper streets of Central, and their indoor location is designed to look like a typical ‘cheap and dirty’ restaurant. Don’t be fooled though, the prices are not actually cheap – you can definitely find a less expensive meal at other HK-style restaurants, or even McDonald’s. But if you want to try a dai pai dong without having the bear the 40-degree, no-air-conditioning Hong Kong summer, this place is for you.




If you’re ever bored in Hong Kong, try a walk through the basement of SOGO in Causeway Bay. It’s the marketplace level, and there’s so many interesting and delicious foods to tempt you. I watched them make donuts for maybe 10 minutes or so, took pictures of all the cute Hello Kitty treats, and ended up with a red bean cake and a scoop of cream cheese ice cream. These kinds of adventures remind me of my days in Osaka, when I would just walk through the basement marketplace level of Hankyu Umeda. There aren’t many times where I can escape the building without trying at least something.



A few steps away from SOGO is Times Square, which is currently housing a Batmobile exhibit. The Batmobile is the only reason I love Batman (I mean, what can he do anyway… the car is the only reason why he’s cool), so if that’s you too, make sure you check it out.





Speaking of Japan, I remember I had a pretty nice running schedule set up last summer. I would run at least twice a week, and around 5-7 km every time. Nowadays, it’s hard for me to even find time to run 5k a week! Not to mention that half an hour of running per week is pretty much useless – you may as well just not run. One of the reasons for this is obviously because the work culture here is ridiculous, but also because I haven’t been willing to go out in the evenings to run. It’s funny because I actually only ran evenings in Japan; the difference being that I would usually get home before 7 PM there, while I get home closer to 8 PM here. Anyway, I finally went for my first evening run since arriving in Hong Kong. It was nice! Evenings are definitely more ideal in terms of temperature and crowded-ness. (By crowded-ness, I don’t mean the number of runners on the road… I mean there’s no construction polluting the air, or cars driving through this running trail). If I go out at 8 PM, I can get back before 9, which isn’t too bad. I only have a few weeks left in Hong Kong, but I’ll try to get a few more evenings of exercise in before I leave.



So that’s what’s been going on in my life. A lot of observations, not as many thoughts, but still life nonetheless.

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