Coffee Over Pandas

I always tell myself I can blog a bit later, because I only just wrote my previous blog anyway. Next thing you know, it’s been a week. Life of a procrastinator.

Anyway, I guess I’ve been out and about. Officially done with work – last day was the 18th, so theoretically I should have a lot more time on my hands to blog and what not. But there’s also a lot of stuff I need to get done before leaving Hong Kong. Packing would be one of them. And just random errands… helping people buy things… seeing people before I leave… I’m just glad I gave myself two weeks before I’m out of here. Even without work, I know these two weeks won’t be easy!

Hmm, what interesting things did I see? Well, you know that Nespresso machine… where you put in concentrated coffee capsules and it pours you out a drink? I’ve seen it for sale in tons of places – Walmart, Costco, Zellers – but I’ve never seen an actual Nespresoo brand retail store! It’s like how if you go to any mobile service provider, you can find lots of different brands of cell phones; but aside from the Apple Store, actual Samsung/HTC/Nokia stores are harder to come by. Anyway, I just happened to be in IFC the other day, and I saw this really cool Nespresso store. They even had a counter for you to try all their different flavours of coffee! It’s one of those places where you would never buy from if you’re looking for a sale, because it’d never ever be on sale… but the decor and setup is also cooler than anything I’ve seen before.



Speaking of coffee, I also went by this really nice Pacific Coffee the other day. I know what you’re thinking – Pacific Coffee is everywhere! It’s the Blenz or Second Cup of Hong Kong. What’s so cool about it? Well, that’s exactly what I thought too when I was walking by Causeway Bay, and I saw this sign pointing me to “Pacific Coffee Emporium”. That sign was put with some other signs that pointed people to actual known landmarks of Causeway Bay, so I was thinking, well, this Emporium thing must be relevant somehow. I kept walking, and next thing you know, I saw it on the corner. It’s a huge coffee shop, and a lot prettier than any of the other Pacific Coffees’ I’ve ever seen. I ended up sitting here for two hours. I had nothing much to do really, but it was nice environment to be around.





The one other memorable thing I did over this previous week was go check out the panda exhibit at PMQ. Somebody made 1600 paper mache pandas, and took them around Hong Kong on tour. After going around to a few special places, they ended up at PMQ – formerly the Police Married Quarters, now renovated into a place for designers to showcase their art – sort of like Granville Island in Vancouver. It’s a nice place for a walk if you wanna check out the creative side of Hong Kong!



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