Familiarly Foreign

I’ve been home for a while now, and I’ve been lazy. To be honest, I haven’t been ridiculously busy like before, but my body just feels so… tired. One year in Hong Kong seems to have aged me like three years. My mind can’t help but long for lazy days at home – days with nothing but time to spend at your luxury.

It’s weird to find all these things about home so foreign to me. The late sunset, for one; I mean, I do remember how nice it is to have long BBQ days, but I haven’t experienced it in a while. I was in Japan last year at this time, and their sun sets pretty early. It also rises really early – at around 5 AM! Guess which I would rather have. Anyway, this trip home has been nothing like how I expected. I had an extensive list of my favourite spots around Vancouver (Granville Island, Kits Beach, Yaletown), spots that I haven’t visited in a while (Gastown, Deep Cove), spots that are a bit of a drive away (The Chief, Seattle), and guess what? I haven’t even been trying to go out and hit them all up. Instead, my time has been all spent on things I value most. Things like just being at home, doing chores around the house; or catching up with some friends, getting some fresh air outside while playing basketball with them. And of course, family has been a big part of my week and a half here as well. Of course I’ve always known how important all these things are to me, but somehow they seem even more important this time around. It’s a sign of growing up, I guess.

Of course, there are nice places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in Vancouver nonetheless. A friend took me to a wonderful place in Steveston Village for high tea last week, called Adorabelle. It’s a tea house located in a heritage building, and the inside is really cute. The lady that works there is simply wonderful, and I had a great experience. You can also take a look and smell all the teas before you make your choice. For less than $15 per head, I’d say it’s well worth it!




I don’t even remember if I’ve ever done this, but I went for an outdoor movie last Saturday. They showed The Princess Bride, which I wasn’t super keen on, but I went just to be a part of it. I couldn’t believe how many people were actually there! That day also happened to be the 14th day of the lunar month, so the moon was very round and beautiful. Even with the movie playing nearby, I could see lots of stars up in the sky. Diefenbaker Park is a pretty nice spot for star-gazing, compared to all the other places within a 20-minute car ride radius around my house.




One of the things I’ve actually been longing to check out – I even checked the date for it! – is the local Ladner Village Market near where I live. It’s a farmer’s/artisan foods/crafts market, running every two weeks over the summer every year. Things are nothing like the typical Asian market – the stuff is a lot more expensive! But I enjoy taking a walk through it, and just appreciating all the nice things that come out of our local market.




Just saw this quote on Facebook, and thought I should share it to end off:

Time is life, not money. Managing time is then managing life.

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