I always tell myself that I just blogged not too long ago, so I can put it off for a while. Next thing you know, it’s already next week! I’m not one to usually procrastinate with school work, but with these things that I can just do at my own pleasure… yeah, I’m lazy.

The truth is, this past week has been pretty quiet. It’s exactly what I like to do at home – nothing. That’s the summer vacation I used to know throughout grade school, and it becomes increasingly rare as you switch from counting grades to counting years. I mean, it’s not like I’m a sloth and just roll around at home all day, but it’s do what I want when I want. Every now and then, I’ll help out around the house. When I have friends with free time, we’ll go out to enjoy each other’s company. And the rest of the time, just watch TV, play video games, enjoy life as it is.

Summer is ending, and it’s quite obvious. Instead of the 9:30 PM sunsets we got when I first landed on August 1st, they are now closer to 8:30 PM sunsets. Speaking of late sunsets, I remember that’s one of the things my Japanese friends had to comment about Vancouver. A lot of them have been in our country for working holidays, and they just couldn’t get used to the long days over the summer, then depressing days over the winter. I don’t mind it so much, but then again I’m just used to it.

I also realized how dark it is at night here. In Hong Kong, even when I turn off the lights to go to bed, there is always some light from outside peeking in because of the crazy light pollution (and the fact that the city is just so closely packed). I don’t exactly live in Downtown Vancouver, so when you look up, you can actually see the stars. And it’s obvious, even when you’re indoors. When you look outside, the deep pitch dark almost scares you. It’s crazy.

Thinking that it was my last few days in Vancouver, I went out to explore the city again on Sunday. We walked by False Creek and Kits Beach – two wonderful neighbourhoods of Vancouver that I would love to live in someday if I can ever afford it. It’s always interesting to see what kind of fads are in season. Our city is an interesting one, and we make up our own rules as we go. For now, you’ll fit right in if you do yoga and love kale juice.



Oh yeah, which reminds me. I’m not leaving yet! Plane ticket is getting postponed. 😀

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