This Years’ Preview

A week into school, and I already remember the life as a student. Studying is your life. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired. Take everything literally one step at a time, with priority on whatever is due first (which may include chores, TV, sleep, etc…). That transition from a routine daily work schedule to a random chaotic school schedule it harder than I expected.

The one good thing about school is that it’s always a very easy count. 13 weeks, and 13 is by no means a big number at all. Time flies even faster when you get Tuesdays off. I know it’s still September, but it’s already mid-September. The Mid-Autumn Festival is over (although it was pretty early this year), and Thanksgiving is coming up next month. I’m so excited to see the Christmas decorations come up.

This post is my 86th post, and I remember I spent 88 days in Osaka… random, but interesting fact that brings back so many memories. Mid-Autumn Festival was the first festival I celebrated in Hong Kong when I arrived last year, and here we are, already one year later… yes, I already said this, but time flies.

Anyway, the Toronto International Film Festival is in town every year, and it’s already getting to the end of the event, but I did get a chance to check it out last week – the first time out of the 3 years I’ve been here. There are celebrity sightings every now and then, but they also block off an entire street just for retailers and sponsors to put out booths. It’s pretty cool, and not as crowded as you might think.




(Oh yeah, I happened to walk by with Tom Hardy there for his premiere screening).

Aside from that, I haven’t really been up to much. I’ve been around this city for 3 years now, and there’s nothing too new for me to explore and see. My focus is on studies, after all. I just can’t wait to take my nice pictures in a graduation cap for the second time, and get my iron ring when I graduate… 😀

Short blurb to check in and tell you all that I’m still writing. Don’t worry, I have things to write about… I’m taking linguistics this term, and that course is super philosophical to say the least. They discuss things like how each of us speak a different language; there is no such thing as English, French, etc., and yet somehow we all understand each other. I’ll get back to you on that.

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