Comfort. Fooooooood.

“When the going gets tough, consume some calories.” You probably haven’t heard that one before, because it’s my own personal motto, and I’ve been sticking by it over the past week. Well, at least I have a lot of food pictures to update you on?


(You know you’re stressed when you start eating ice cream by the tub…)

The good news is, I’ve been keeping up with my weekly exercise (for the most part). I’m pretty consistent with 10k per week, and trying to get out twice a week instead of just once. Exposing myself to the city also gives me more opportunities to check out what’s around… especially restaurants to add to my bucket list. Ironic, how I run to get rid of calories, and while you’re doing that you’re immediately thinking of what to spend your quota on next. Then again, I guess life is kind of like that. You go to work to earn money, and while you’re there, you daydream about what to spend money on… right? Anyway, one of my finds was this really random fries stand on Adelaide. I don’t eat after I run, so I didn’t try it, but maybe one day I’ll drop by.


I’ve been having a lot of Japanese food over this past week. I have a new foodie buddy that loves to try new restaurants, so last week we had Sansotei Ramen (obviously Japanese ramen), and this week it was Yakitori Kintori for skewers. Both were delicious! Toronto actually has a lot of nice Japanese restaurants around; not for raw food, but cooked/izakaya type food. They’re a bit on the expensive side (expect around $13 for ramen, and $25-30 for izakaya), but since now I finally have someone to go with me and try these places, it’s a good excuse to get out. Besides, it’s not like you’re eating out every day!




Yakitori Kintori is located a bit past Koreatown on Bloor, so I purposely left the house a bit early to walk these – about a 30 minute slow walk. Before I went to Asia last year, I never would have done such a thing. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even walk more than 10 minutes. But then I walked about 15-20 minutes every day to the subway station, both in Osaka and in Hong Kong… and then your perspective starts to change.

So yeah, I finally got to see Koreatown for myself, even though I know the neighbourhood exists and I’ve heard things about it. Obviously it’s full of Korean restaurants and supermarkets, but you don’t really ‘know’ until you’ve walked through it first-hand. I walked past this bargain store called Honest Ed’s, located at the intersection of Bathurst and Bloor. I remember coming here way back in first year to buy a cheap electrical appliance that we could take apart for one of our courses, and I still had a Metropass back then. I literally stepped out of the subway, crossed the street, went into this store, and then hopped back onto the subway without seeing anything in the area. I can’t believe how much I missed out on!


One of the things that stood out to me is how it’s buzzing along the main street of Bloor, but all you have to do is take a turn onto one of the streets running north-south – any of them, including major roads! – and you’ll find immediate darkness and quiet. It’s not dangerous or anything – they’re just residential areas, and I think it’s interesting how close these residential areas are to the main road.




After dinner, we walked through a Korean supermarket and we had these delicious treats for dessert. I still remember having these in Vancouver… and they were definitely a lot cheaper! Oh wells, just for the memories, what the heck 🙂




Taking this walk through Koreatown makes me want to explore all the other area of Toronto… Little Italy, Little Portugal, Cabbagetown, High Park, Greektown… I know Toronto is a much more culturally diverse city compared to Vancouver (I would even argue that Vancouver is uni-cultural), and now that I’m in my final year at this university, I want to see as much of it as I can before I leave. I’ve actually said this since second year, but it was always ‘too far’ for me back then – my experiences in Asia has changed that for me. With Thanksgiving long weekend coming up next week, hopefully I can make it to another neighbourhood!

Back to my main topic of food. Working at a healthy fast food chain has at least allowed me to eat healthier. And for the first time in forever, I’m preparing something for myself before I eat it! Granted, I’m not actually using the stove or cooking anything, but I’m still impressed with myself.



As for food from home… I’m still not trying very hard on the actual ‘cooking’ part, but I’m trying harder on the ‘making food look nice’ part. Even the simple act of cleaning sauce off a dish before serving it to yourself – yeah, you’ll get the dish dirty again anyway, but the food looks more appealing on a clean dish.



Let me end off with this: a cronut in the wrong city.


P.S. Don’t worry about me. I’m eating well.

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