“Right around the corner”

November is here, and you can officially start saying “Christmas is right around the corner”. This entire weekend I’ve been walking around the city, and you see traces of red and white and green everywhere you go. Starbucks red cups are out, and nothing screams Christmas more than that! Yes, I got through the most depressing month, and we’re already starting the path along home stretch.


I have been away for way too long, and there is no way I can update you on everything that’s happened. For the most part, it’s hasn’t been all that happy. October was a ridiculous month. I forgot how I was able to manage 14 midterms in first year, and now just 3 midterms seem to be too much. On top of that, there’s still all the reports and papers due, and I’m barely making it through… if I neglect my thesis. Put that thesis into the picture, and I just feel like I’m sinking.

So to help myself get through it, I’ve been looking forward to the weekend that just passed all month. The yearly dinner dance for our engineering discipline was help on Halloween night, and that was a fun night. Certainly it contained many touching moments for our class that got through 4 years together, and despite me never really being that involved in university life, I realized that I have a sense of belonging here as well.


One of the things I liked most about the dinner was the live jazz music that was playing. It had such a nice Christmas vibe to it!


The dinner was held at a building next to Ontario Place, called the Atlantis Pavillion. This thing was literally situated on top of the water – you had to cross a bridge to get into it. I haven’t been to such a beautiful place for dinner since, like ever.


And of course, since it was Halloween, there was an open candy bar available. The dinner itself was quite filling though, and I had no room for more candy.


Then on Saturday, I found myself in the Distillery District of Toronto. It’s one of my favourite places for a stroll, and it’s also the location of the yearly Toronto Christmas Market. When the Christmas Market is here, they have a lot more lights, decorations, stalls, and just more people in general, giving it a very lively atmosphere. But that’s not on until very late November, so on Saturday it was pretty quiet. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful, and I had a great time walking through it while inhaling the icy cool breath of fall.


The Distillery District is home to many local retailers – not necessarily hand-crafted, but they definitely won’t be the usual brands you see at Eaton Centre or whatever. Their prices are somewhat ‘independent of the market’, because it’s hard to find other places that sell similar items – there definitely are other stores, but you have to know where to look – so without all the competition (and also because of the lower consumer density), items here are priced a bit higher. Personally, I just like the antique feel and atmosphere of this place 🙂


Here’s an interesting piece of art: LOVE spelled out using locks. Although I don’t know how much this really means, after the love lock bridge in Paris collapsed….



The Bay has their Christmas display out too! It’s early, but I’ll never complain about Christmas coming early 🙂


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