Chicken Noodle Soup

What’s life these days? School, work, snow that’s not quite cold enough to make a winter wonderland, and chicken noodle soup. This city is starting to get chilly, although I know the coldest is yet to come…


(I recently discovered chicken broth + brown rice + CHEESE. The cheese turns something average into something amazing.)

I’ve never been the type to complain about November zooming by, especially when I know I’m going home for Christmas soon enough. But this year, there is so much due within the next three weeks that I actually wish November could extend a little. Time is ticking away, and my projects are getting nowhere. That being said, I’m not quite as stressed as in October, when I found myself almost crying every week. What’s even better is that my thesis project requires a lot of computer simulation, which means I can blog while it’s running (as I’m doing now 🙂 ), and I don’t feel like I’m wasting time.

Like I said, the weather is getting cold. There’s already been a few days of snow, although none of it is actually sticking around. I’m excited for the first snow, but I also know I won’t be quite as excited after it actually hits. I live 5 minutes away from school, but 5 minutes in the cold is more than enough to chill you to the bones.

I randomly decided to treat myself to something new today, so I went to try Hero Burger. It’s good! But also more than you would expect to pay for fast food. It’s about the same price as W Burger Bar, a full service restaurant… but I guess the quality is also similar. I’m not that surprised by the cost of fast food anymore though; Freshii food is priced at around the same range.


As if a burger wasn’t enough; I saw that it was snowing outside, and I suddenly felt like getting ice cream. Ice cream is the best when it doesn’t melt 😀 And it was pretty satisfying until I got to the last quarter of my cup; that’s when it became too cold.


Somehow I managed enough time for a movie on Tuesday, and I watched Interstellar – Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece. I could not believe how full the theatre was for a Tuesday night 10 PM showing! But then again, it’s a new movie, and movies are cheaper on Tuesdays. I loved the movie! I’m not a fan of super long movies, but those 3 hours were well spent. I feel like I held my breath the entire time.

I guess I shall leave you all with a taste of my homework… linguistics is getting pretty intense.


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