The Best of Toronto

Back home, once again. This time it’s for Christmas – something I didn’t get to experience at home last year. I’ve always loved Christmas, but being with family during this season never meant as much as it does now… not until you lose it, and realize that something just isn’t the same.


I’ve only been back for two days, but I’ve had a good dose of Christmas – before I left Toronto, that is. I made Christmas cookies, and I was also able to catch the Toronto Christmas Market before I left the city! That’s literally the one and only thing that I think is better in Toronto as opposed to Vancouver. Their Christmas market is more interesting to walk through and overall just “feels” more like Christmas. Of course, I also haven’t been to the Vancouver one since 3 or 4 years ago… maybe things have changed? I’ll let you know when I get a chance to see it.

IMAG1878 IMAG1884

The highlight of the day? Definitely these donuts, with candied bacon and a maple syrup drizzle. So weird, so Canadian, so good.


I took the first subway on Wednesday morning to get to my 8 AM flight (which I did not make in the end, but I won’t go into detail) and it was the first time I actually saw cargo subway trains in operation. What I don’t understand is why – because if they’re transporting things at 5 AM, there’s no traffic on the roads anyway. And there’s nothing that a subway can haul while a truck can’t. The only reasonable thing I can think of is savings in gas, since the subway does run on electricity.


Random cool thing I came across today: sushi sandwiches! It’s such a simple and logical idea and yet I have never thought of it, nor have I seen it until today.


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