The Last of 2014

Winter break is the shortest break in the world. Or so it always seems. Three weeks just whizzed by, and already I’m back in Toronto. Sigh…

So let’s go through these past 3 weeks in super fast mode. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so we’ll insert a bunch of those.

I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market on the 22nd, the one that I said doesn’t compare to the Toronto one. Nothing has changed – I still prefer the Toronto one. I tried a lot of food at the Vancouver one, and there was nothing that really blew me away – it was all just average. Overall it’s a nice walk if you have nothing to do and you’re looking for something festive to do, I guess… although you’ll have to wait till next year.



No matter which city you head off to, it’s always about food. Well, naturally you get a lot of sweets and chocolates around Christmas, but I also tried a nice ramen place in Downtown Vancouver. It’s amazing how many new places there are around town, and I just don’t know about them. That’s what being away does to you, I guess.


Four of my days were spent away at camp in Hope. Who goes to camp in the winter anyway? Well, definitely not an outdoor one… so this was a first. Unfortunately it was too cold to do most of the usual things at camp (including a campfire!), but the weather turned out pretty nice. We got snow on the first day, then some clear skies and sunshine following that. The days were cold, but we ended up with a cloudless night for stargazing, and overall it was just nice to roll around in nature with limited cell phone reception. Although I must admit, I still kinda prefer summer camps.




New Year’s Eve felt… weird. 2014 has come to an end, and 2015 means its been fifteen years since the celebration of this millennium. I still remember living through NYE of 1999, and everyone being so excited (especially the computer engineers!). Looking back, I wish I knew the significance of Y2K at that time. It was just ‘any other new year’ to me at my young age, but now I know, not everybody gets to live through a millennium.

So anyway, as usual I went out to celebrate the start of this new year. The best thing about NYE in Vancouver is that you get free public transit for that night and until the next morning, unlike Hong Kong.


My night was spent in Gastown, which had this beautiful festive look to it. I remember being here in August, and it was equally as beautiful, but in a completely different way. I love that about Vancouver.


I already forgot the name of this cocktail, but it was grapefruit flavoured with a hint of lavender. It’s quite a different twist from anything I’ve ever had before!


The first day into the new year, we headed up to Whistler for a getaway and some snow sports. I realized that after I left Vancouver for school, I’ve been to Whistler nearly every year. I’m pretty sure I didn’t visit this mountain quite as often before that. But of course, this place never gets old. I’ve walked through the village enough times to memorize it, and yet I still love to walk through it once more.


The peak of Whistler usually spots a gorgeous view down the mountain, although we went up on a chilly and foggy day. I could barely take this picture – my hands just refused to come out of my gloves (and even with the gloves on, it was still freezing cold!).


And my new year’s resolution for 2015? Well, a friend challenged me to run 1000 km this year. It’s going to be hard, but it’s my goal!

P.S. Isn’t it funny that I have a post from last year titled ‘The Last of 2013’? My style hasn’t changed.

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