Coping with the Cold

Just when I thought things were warming up… and then it snows again, temperatures drop, we’re back to where we started. I really should be expecting it by now…. after all, I’ve been here for three years and a bit.


One of of friends sent me this a while back. Too true.

Anyway, it’s weird thinking that today is already February 1st. A month really isn’t a long time, and yet it can seem like forever when you’re looking forward to graduating. I’ve been too busy to count what I’ve been doing, but I still have time for the occasional hockey game here and there. And by occasional, I mean like 95% of them.

One thing that was certainly memorable was my first driving experience in Toronto last week. A friend asked for my help, so I was her driver for the day. I don’t normally drive cars aside from the one I’m used to at home, so it was interesting trying to find the right buttons. Not to mention that European cars have a slightly different standard than Japanese and American cars. I must admit I was pretty nervous to start off the day, because even though I know the roads and everything, the view of a pedestrian and a driver is totally different. It didn’t take long for me to calm down though. Driving is one of those life skills where if you know how to drive, you can never really just forget it.


In Vancouver we have Dineout around this time every year, and in Toronto there is Winterlicious! Basically they’re events for foodies, where a lot of restaurants release a 3-course menu for a set price. I remember in first year, I went out to this one place for Winterlicious and it wasn’t all that good at all. This year, I actually did my research – looked up a lot of places on Yelp for reviews and all that – and I’ve tried three pretty good restaurants so far. (I also find it amazing how I even have time to go out for so many special meals).

Here’s the main course from an Iranian restaurant – you know, I like to try new things:


And also my dinner at a classy French restaurant:


Still another lunch to go next week! At least I’m eating well these days…

Reading break is so close yet so far. Two weeks will zoom by just like that. And then I’ll be even more stressed facing all the deadlines….

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