A Much Needed Break

Where was I? Winterlicious – that was my previous topic. And also two weeks ago. Well, I’m glad to announce that I’m finally at my reading break! It’s one short week, but it really means a lot when there’s a billion things due and you can barely catch your breath. First of all, no school means no extra assignments. Everything that would have been due this week is due the week after. You get that extra week to procrastinate work. Then, it also means no classes, so you have more time to procrastinate work. I’m clearly a great student.

Last time, I said “just when I thought things were warming up”. This time, it’s “just when I thought Toronto couldn’t get any colder”. I don’t even know why I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk outside today, in the freezing -20 degree weather. And that’s without windchill. OK, when the wind doesn’t blow, you really don’t feel it. I actually walked for a good 10 minutes or so and I felt completely fine. And then the wind starts, and you run into whatever store is closest. The sad part is, you never completely warm up before you go outside and brave the cold again. So with every trip, your average body temperatures continues to drop.

My walk lasted almost 2 hours… you might be thinking how I even managed. First of all, once you’re a certain distance away from home, you can’t just poof back to your original destination. A 30 minute walk somewhere means another 30 minute walk back. Of course, I wasn’t outside the entire 2 hours – I went into stores and browsed around. And like I said, it was all fine at first. But once your inner body starts to feel cold, your entire body freezes way faster. I said I was okay for a 10 minute walk… that’s in the beginning. One hour later, a 10 second walk outside is enough to chill you to the bone. My arms and legs were numb and itchy – that’s normal, I’ve had my share of frostbite over the past 4 years in this city. But as I was making my last 2 minute stretch home, it started getting hard for me to breathe. That’s something new. So now, 5 hours after returning home, my head still feels cold and there’s a bit of a headache. OK I know, lesson learned.

(It’s also funny how the bulk of what I remember is me cursing this city and telling myself how much I hate it. Well, the cold anyway.)

So my New York trip is coming up in a few days, and I’ve finally started to plan it. Interestingly enough, all the things on my list are just “walk around this neighbourhood” rather than “visit the Statue of Liberty” or “head up the Empire State Building”. I have the mindset of a geographer when I travel. I like to experience things rather than just see them. Of course it’s nice looking at the pretty tourist attraction buildings… but with modern technology as advanced as it is nowadays, why do I even need to travel to see those buildings? Instead, I like to learn things that I will only remember by actually doing it. Walk instead of taking a taxi. Get lost. Find yourself. That’s what travelling is all about!

I went to a nice restaurant around midtown for another Winterlicious date last week. Then two days ago, over a dinner with some new friends, I found out that the restaurant is actually quite well-known! I saw pretty good ratings on Yelp, which is why I chose it, but I didn’t know it was famous. This place is literally located in the middle of nowhere! Once you step inside though, you’ll see how warm and cozy it is.




i have the next 3 days to get all my work done before heading off to NY. Let’s not kid ourselves here… there’s no way I’ll be able to do any work once I’m there 😀

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