Through My Own Eyes

Continuing on from my story last day…

I walked along from the Wall Street financial district to the South Street Seaport area. This are was definitely one of my favourite places visited during this whole trip. It gives you that vibe… quiet and cozy, next to the sea. The only thing is that this area got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, and when I say ‘pretty hard’, I mean it. Hurricane Sandy was 3 years ago, and they’re still undergoing renovations! But hopefully they’ll be completed soon, and the next time I’m in New York, I can check out the farmer’s market in its full glory.



This South Street Seaport Museum got taken over by a stationary store called Bowne & Co., and they sell all these custom printed cards and designs. I love it! It’s a quiet little store; definitely a nice walk.



I also found this gem, called South Street Local Artists. They’re four different artists, each with their own line of art, and they teamed up to rent this space together. I was very attracted to the unique cards designed by one of them, and ended up going inside. I believe some of the other artists also does jewelry, sunglasses, and tshirts/apparel. Anyway, I really like what they do. I can imagine how being unique is probably really hard, especially when your competitors are huge chains with a ton of capital and they can afford to sell their items at much lower prices. Which is why I’m shamelessly advertising here.


Since this area is still under a lot of construction, it didn’t take long for me to be finished with this place. I went and sat down at a local coffee roaster, called Jack’s Coffee. Sipped over my honey caramel macchiato while writing a bunch of postcards for probably an hour. It was lovely.

(This is also why I didn’t get through everything on my to-do list for the day).


Again, because of the construction, I didn’t get a good view of the water and Brooklyn Bridge. I also wanted to walk over it for pictures, but there is no way I would’ve survived in the weather. I’ll leave the bridge walks for the summer visits.


From there, I walked past the City Hall, a bunch of government buildings, the Court Houses…




… and all the way into Chinatown! Didn’t see that coming, eh?

The thing about Chinatown is that no matter which city you go into, Chinatown always looks the same. That is, unless you live in Richmond, then that Chinatown doesn’t even look like an Asian city.


I honestly didn’t have much business in Chinatown. I just wanted to see it, as it’s another neighbourhood of NY to wander through. Besides, Friday was the second day of the Lunar New Year, so a lot of the places were closed.

One place that was open was the post office, which I went into to get stamps for my postcards. Funny thing is, I had walked past another post office earlier near the financial district, and this Chinatown post office looked so much more run down!




I actually made it all the way to Little Italy, but I had to leave soon after to get to New Jersey for a hockey game. I also got tickets to see the Canucks play in New Jersey that night! So yeah, unfortunately I left quite abruptly from there and never got a chance to go back. Oh well, next time!

I took the subway from Spring Street to City Hall, then walked over to the 9/11 Memorial – also where the PATH is located. It’s under $3 to get to New Jersey from there, and it’s only about half an hour too! So that was nice. The PATH is a very straightforward train, while the intercity subway of NY is about as complicated as it can get. So many trains run on the same tracks! Some trains don’t stop at certain stations (even though they pass by), some trains will take you to a random place. But when you think about it, it’s also amazing how many subway tracks and tunnels are underground. it’s part of why I’m captivated by this city – it’s just so big!


The home of the New Jersey Devils would be Prudential Center. I told you how excited I was when I walked past Madison Square Garden, and there’s a reason for that. That arena is buzzing every single night, whether its NBA or NHL. Their fans are passionate. It’s amazing to watch a game there, and I can’t even imagine what it must feel like for the players to play. Well, Prudential Center is opposite that. We got in probably 45 minutes before puck drop, and it was super empty. Even at puck drop, I’d say the arena was half full at best. (This is also why NJ tickets were $30 while NYR tickets were $200… hence why I chose to watch NJ).



You don’t have to know me too well to see how ecstatic I was. It’s my first time watching an away game and cheering on my home team! So proud.


When you get to the arena super early, that’s when you get to watch the players practice and watch them from a close distance. Our tickets were much farther away, up in the upper bowl section, but we probably could’ve stayed downstairs and nobody would even know. There were a ton of empty seats!

You might think that the upper bowl is far, but you will be amazed at how good of a view you get compared to your TV at home. Nothing ever beats the quality of your own eyes. It’s one of the things I’ve noticed over the years, and even though I still try to capture nice pictures, I also remind myself to experience the moment with it as well. It means a lot more in real life.


Here’s the favourite player. Too bad I didn’t get a good shot of him 😦


And here’s the best portrait shot of the night. It works better when their helmets are off 😀


Let’s fast forward through the details of the game, since we lost 4-2. I was so hopeful that we had a chance, even when we were down for most of the game! Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience.

(I almost wanted to go down to Buffalo for the game tonight… too bad I had class.)

(Oh, and that class got cancelled too. Bummer.)

That’s the end of Day 2. Here’s another of my better shots of the day! (In case you can’t tell, I really like the ‘glare on the street’ pictures. Perfect under the sunlight I was getting, if you don’t mind the cold!).


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