Creative Juices

I don’t remember the last time I actually tried hard to make a work of art look nice. I was probably in elementary school, and it most likely didn’t turn out that nice anyway. But last Tuesday, I decided to give it another try – at Paint Nite. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s basically a painting party at a bar, and the point isn’t really so much the painting as it is the drinking. Most people just hear “paint” and jump to “no I can’t”. But if you take a glass of wine with it, everything becomes a billion times more fun.


Don’t worry, it’s not actually a drunk party, just some drinks to lighten up your mood. The instructors at the front tell you what to paint next, and you kinda let your creative juices do the rest. It’s pretty cool to see how everybody’s paintings are similar, but they each have their own style to it.

Each party features a different painting, and essentially you get to choose which painting you want to draw by choosing which event to attend. I chose one of the Toronto Harbour. I decided that after spending four years here, I might as well give myself a token of this city to remember it. I don’t know if they’re good or bad memories, but definitely memories nonetheless.

So this painting is one of the many that are placed around the room for us to copy…


And this is what I came up with:


Close enough?

Anyway, that was a fun night, and now I have one more item I need to pack when I head home in the summer.

Aside from that, I achieved a major milestone as a (Canadian) engineer. I got my iron ring yesterday! So apparently, this iron ring thing is only big on the east coast of Canada. It dies down a lot when you get over to Vancouver (which is why I never heard of it over there), and certainly is almost non-existent when you get out of Canada. But we took our oaths yesterday, had all the fun parties, and now I have an iron stainless steel ring sitting on my pinky finger.



I also kicked myself out of the house last week to finally go for a run. It’s my first outdoor run in like, I don’t know, four months? It felt great. It was -5 outside, so pretty cold, but not unbearable. And it was beautiful. I have never been to Lake Shore during the winter months, so I didn’t realize that the entire lake was frozen over. (Of course, it’s one of those thing you should know, but it’s not intuitive unless you’ve seen it before). I was completely awestruck, and just so glad that I actually saw this with my own eyes before it melted away.


March is going to be a stressful month, I can feel it already. The one thing that’s keeping me going is the thought of being in Paris two months from now.

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