A Cappella

You know how the weather is one of those topics for small talk, or conversation starters, or just not a very ‘serious’ topic that you would dwell on in general… well, in Toronto, I’ve come to learn that weather is definitely a serious topic. No matter what time of year, who you’re talking to, whatever the setting – you can always have a serious conversation about weather. Not to mention that I’ve also been complaining about it in pretty much every post since November.

Anyway, I actually wanted to start this post with an exclamation of “First day of spring!”, but I decided against it because I’m pretty sure it’s still too early for that. These two days have been surprisingly warm – and by that, I mean it was (postive!) 2 degrees outside. That’s still winter weather for Vancouver, and too cold for Hong Kong to ever reach, but for Toronto, that’s pretty much spring. And then I saw a very relevant picture on Facebook that I just have to share:


On a somewhat related note, Daylight Savings just started again on Saturday, which means sunset immediately jumped from around 6 PM to 7 PM. I love DST. The longer days just makes me happier in general, and it reminds me that those short depressing winter days are worth it for the late 10 PM sunsets.

I went for my second run today in four months. I was aiming to get to 10 km, but clearly that didn’t work… I could barely get past 6 km! Don’t worry, I’m working on it. Being outside was totally worth it too. The beautiful frozen lake is simply breathtaking. (Last time, I had a cloudy day; this time, its a clear and sunny day for pictures!)


In the evening, I went to a small concert with a friend – Pentatonix were doing a gig around Toronto. Now I’ve heard of Pentatonix before, and I knew they were that YouTube a cappella group, but I’m not a huge fan; nevertheless, I decided to go try it out anyway. I had a blast. This group is so extremely talented, their arrangements are so delicate and amazing, and I was just speechless. I remember listening to the first song, and thinking “I thought they were supposed to sing without background music”… and then I realized, “WOW, it is a cappella”. I was extremely impressed.


They sang a lot of songs that I would like to share, but for the sake of limiting myself to just one, I’ll show you my absolute favourite from tonight. You don’t have to know me very well to know that I love Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I totally don’t mind if Christmas starts in October. I love the spirit (which I’ve talked about, unfortunately I only find it in North America), the hustle and bustle, everything… which is also why I was very excited when Pentatonix came out with one of their original Christmas songs for their encore. What was even amazing, was that they sang it off-microphone – so the five of them just stood there, with nothing but their voices, singing. The entire hall went silent for them, and it created an eerie atmosphere that almost complemented the song too well. When they have the microphones and all, there’s energy and excitement, but there’s also distance to some degree. Take away those microphones, and suddenly you take away the distance; the meaning of Christmas also shines through with that solemn silence. I won’t lie, I actually cried a bit listening to it.

A lot of their songs are worth a listen! This one just stood out to me to most for tonight.

P.S. A shot towards Downtown Toronto before the concert. Looks exactly like my painting from last week, eh?


P.P.S. And just for the sake of having it, here’s the ‘after’ shot.


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