In Passing

I’m back in Toronto. Exhausted and stressed from all the things going on, and before I can even adjust back to Toronto time, I’ll be flying again to Paris in two days. The hustle is endless.

My short trip to Hong Kong went well. I was quite blessed to have good weather for the most part. It wasn’t too hot, and I would even describe it as ‘breezy’… that’s definitely not something you hear about Hong Kong everyday. But yeah, I must admit, April is a pretty good time to be in Hong Kong. Now if only it were mild all year round!

I’m 100% sure I’ve previously expressed by love for Disneyland, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I ended up spending another day in Hong Kong Disneyland. Unfortunately, the park is under renovations! They’ll be opening a new Iron Man theme area in 2016, and the castle is also undergoing renovations. The castle is the absolute worst. It’s so obvious and ugly… I don’t even want to talk about it.



I watched the Golden Mickey show for the first time in my life. Also went on some rides that I’ve never been on before, despite visiting this theme park so many times in the past. We went on a Tuesday, and school is still underway, so we could pretty much just walk into anything without having to line up. It was great.

Like I said last night, nothing was really different about Hong Kong. I went about doing the same things I used to do. Try all the special McFlurry flavours, for example.

IMAG2895 IMAG2896

Or hunting down more Wan Chai coast line signs:

IMAG2884 IMAG2883

I watched both Furious 7 and Avengers 2 during those short 10 days there. (Both were amazing, by the way). I ate lots of food. I gained lots of weight. You know, the typical.

So two more exams here in Toronto, and then on Thursday I’ll be in Paris! I will try really hard to keep up this blog, but I’ll also be busy having the time of my life. We’ll see how it goes!

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