Fifty Words or Less

As a closure to this series of Eurotrip 2015 posts, I’ve decided to challenge my writing skills by describing every major city I’ve visited and that I have some sort of distinct impression about, in fifty words of less.

Paris, France

Paris captivates you. It is completely unlike any other sizable city that I have seen, as there are no suits, no briefcases, and no skyscrapers. Take a step into the past as you enjoy a stroll along the Seine River garnished with rustic buildings.


Brussels, Belgium

Waffles, chocolate, fries, and Tintin. Brussels is defined through history by other countries, but its own identity seems to come from food and a particular comic book. It can be difficult to appreciate Brussels without knowing the story behind it, but look deeper and you will find a great read.


Frankfurt, Germany

Surprised with a skyline. Frankfurt is young and modern, not quite as antique, but certainly relishes the history that it has. While other European cities feel like a fantasyland, Frankfurt houses the best of both worlds with a balance between the lively urban and peaceful rural.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Throw away all the worries of the world as you lose yourself within the stunning labyrinth of canals. Once again, there are no skyscrapers, but this time it does not seem to matter. Amsterdam defies the usual rules, and you cannot help but think, “don’t worry, be happy”.


London, United Kingdom

Lively and happening integrated with the iconic symbols of the past. The Tower Bridge over River Thames remind you that London is never-changing; the Sky Garden and London Eye shows you that it is ever-changing. This city is out to make a statement, and that it certainly does well.


Geneva, Switzerland

A small, peaceful, and honest city containing its fair share of history, but perhaps more prominent and proud of its culture and impact of today. Nature also helps Geneva obtain its beauty, as the city is located at the edge of a lake with a mountain range not far behind.


Interlaken, Switzerland

Your typical Swiss postcard scene, with two lakes, a resort town, and a beautiful mountain range. Endless possibilities await in the great outdoors around Interlaken; all you have to do is get up and go. Conquer the mountains peak by peak, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy God’s creation.


Zurich, Switzerland

Pointy clock towers keep track of time for this modern city of Zurich. Yet, while time so obviously ticks by, you do not feel rushed at all. There is a unique carefree tone to this city as the people hustle and bustle along to their cares.


Venice, Italy

You do not need to be in Venice for long before you realize you have stepped into a stunning alternate paradise. People warn you that it is easy to get lost within the maze of alleys and waterways; maybe you just do not want to be found.


Florence, Italy

Florence may seem overshadowed by the other exquisite cities of Italy, but you definitely cannot say that they are similar. This city is distinct with its own flavour, and certainly happy as it is. Where Florence lacks in aesthetics, it makes up in vibes.


Rome, Italy

The only city filled with ancient history that lives to tell the tale to modern day. Rome is full of fascination around every corner, and your awe comes not from the beauty of the historic pieces, but rather how things can be so old and still exist in such splendor.


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