Gloomy Days

I am generally a pretty happy and optimistic person. But now that it’s finally September, I got a chance to pause and take a look back at August – and that’s when I realized, I really didn’t like August 2015 all that much.

Maybe it’s issues with my health. Maybe it’s the fact that August 2014 was so much better in comparison. And that one extra day on the 31st of August makes such a big difference when you just want this month to end. Whatever it is, I’m finding myself super glad that we are now into September. Lots of people will think that its just something psychological, but I can already feel this month getting off to a good start.

For one thing, I’m actually keeping up with the daily devotion blogs at my church so far. We just started a new series called ‘The Story of Culture’, and it talks about the relationship between our Christian culture and the other cultures of the world – how they interact and engage, and our roles as Christians. The first sermon was just an introduction, talking about how 2000 years ago, Paul actually walked into Athens with a completely foreign culture to the local people there, and tried to introduce them to the gospel. And keep in mind, Athens was one of the most developed and enlightened cities in that era. They had all the brilliant thinkers, and the newest inventions. They thought they had figured it out – much like we think we have it figured out now. So if we think it’s hard to engage with our worldly culture as a Christian, well, it could have only been infinitely more difficult for Paul.

The temperature has also dropped a bit, although that could be due to the gloomy rain we’ve been getting these days. I like that it’s not nearly as hot as when the scorching sun shines on you, but at the same time, rainy season is a lot more depressing in Hong Kong than in Vancouver. When it rains in Vancouver, well, you know it’s going to happen. Rather than it ruining your expected sunshine, it’s more like “oh this is normal”. And besides, it’s never so bad that you wouldn’t want to step outside. Vancouver has extended small fuzzy showers, while Hong Kong just likes to downpour whenever it feels like it. It’s moody here in Hong Kong; you never know when you’ll get hit with a storm. Most importantly, you can breathe refreshing air in Vancouver even when it’s raining. In Hong Kong, it really sucks because rain just adds to the humidity.


I’ve had lots of food adventures over the past two weeks or so. Satay King is one of them… they came out this special Pokemon menu, and when I first heard about it, I thought I was totally over this gullible consumerism. I wasn’t planning to go, and I wasn’t all that interested either. But when I actually stepped into the restaurant, the inner child just came out again. It was all too exciting.



I also discovered a bunch of new foodie startups in Wanchai… as if there isn’t already an abundance of good food around! Here’s one for ice cream and popsicles, called Ice’licious. I tried their ‘Corn Sweet Corn’, with real corn bits in it. It’s good! I’m already thinking about which one to try next.



I’ve been having this recent craving for Cheung Chau mango mochi, which is really just a piece of mango wrapped in a thin mochi bun. When you start looking for it, you realize how many stores there are around Wanchai that sell the same thing! I found 3 stores just within the week, and already tried all 3 of them. I can’t tell you which one is the best, but there’s two that are definitely better than the third one.


(This is one of the better ones).


I went to PMQ last weekend for a walk. It’s been quite a while! Many new stores have been added to the place, and it’s definitely a lot more lively. What’s good about it is that it is still on the quiet side. Hong Kong people either don’t know about it, or they aren’t interested in things that aren’t ‘brand name’. I quite like the selection of unique things they hold, and the lack of crowd makes it even better.


What do you know? After writing about this HSBC building, I find a postcard of it at PMQ.


And finally, two months after my first day of work, I’ve finally stepped onto the airfield as an airline employee. I’m just sitting in a car in front of an A330… no big deal.


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