Never-ending Paradox

I’ve been on sick leave for the past two weeks, and with all this free time on my hands, one of the things I’ve been least willing to do is write. This always happens to me. When I’m busy, it means that life is pretty eventful and exciting. At the very least, it gives me a lot of topics to write about – even if I don’t have the time to put all those thoughts into words. But when I’m free, that means I’ve been sitting around all day. Nothing has really happened. And so, even though I have so much time I can use to write with, I never have enough inspiration or motivation to get myself going.

Last week was lined up with Mid-Autumn festivities. As I have previously written, people really like to go for ‘HK-style BBQ’ around Mid-Autumn. This year was no exception for us! Again, we were at a BBQ place with the food all marinated and ready for us. We just lit lanterns and slowly cooked our food around the fire.


We also had quite a feast at home with family. This is only the dessert:


Sadly, due to the fact that I’ve been pretty much stuck at home over the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to get my regular dose of exercise. With the added fact that you feast during Mid-Autumn – it’s almost like the Chinese Thanksgiving! – I’ve been packing on the calories. I actually cannot wait to fully recover and get back to the gym. I really need a workout.

About a month ago, I saw two trees get planted while I was walking around Wan Chai. They always do this in Hong Kong. First, they chop trees down to make room for buildings. Then, they realize they want the trees back, and then plant them within the city.


But as you probably know, tree-planting means taking an adolescent tree, already with roots and branches, and covering it in soil in your desired place. These trees don’t have very strong roots, and when the wind blows (especially in typhoon weather), they fall down quite easily. So next thing you know, we were hit with a strong T3 typhoon over the past two days. It never escalated to a T8, but I felt that the wind and rain was much stronger than some of the T8 typhoons I’ve seen.

And after the storm, the duo of trees still stand:


But while these trees stand unaffected, the airport was heavily affected. At 11 PM on Sunday night, the airport was still hustling and bustling with delayed passengers due to the typhoon.


I’m not really sure what’s next for me. We’ll see what God has in store!

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