Disney Fever

It’s flu season in Hong Kong, and people all around are wearing masks to prevent the spread of germs. There are just as many masks in the office as outside on the streets. Being sick is not an option; you just have to keep on working.

The reason why everyone gets sick so easily these days is because the sudden decrease in temperature just catches you off guard. You’re still in full summer clothing, when Mother Nature says its time to start heading into “winter” (I use “quotation” marks since, as we all know, winter doesn’t exactly exist in Hong Kong). But anyway, I guess that can be considered a bright side to all of this. If “summer” and “not summer” were the only two seasons existent in Hong Kong, then I think we can officially say we’re into the “not summer” season.

I’m so excited and proud to tell you that I finally bought a year pass to Disneyland. The best part is, I still have a valid student ID, so it’s $700 instead of the regular $1000 HKD for the cheapest Silver pass. Of course, the downside is that I can only enter on weekdays, but that’s also the best part of working shifts in Hong Kong. Prices in this city are strongly defined by supply and demand, and due to the excess of people in Hong Kong, the demand is largely contrasted between weekdays and weekends/public holidays. The same thing – dinner, bus fare, entrance admission – can cost you double the price when everyone else is also free. It’s a shame that things are this way, but at least I get to be on the advantageous side of it.

Hong Kong Disneyland didn’t do much for Halloween this year, but that’s okay. I can never get enough of just walking around the beautiful park. It’s the environment and buildings and decorations and background music that creates an aurora of splendor for me.


One thing I really enjoyed (aside from the castle which is now rebuilt) is their Paint the Night parade. I remember how I used to think that parades were boring, but these Disney ones are just fun and fascinating. And of course, who doesn’t like to see your favourite Disney characters in real life!

IMG_3848 IMG_3829 IMG_3857

Okay, Disneyland aside, I haven’t been out all that much. I’m just slowly trying to get back into the pace of my life. I’ve been getting back into my habit of running. I remember when there were days when I would actually want to keep on running, and now I can barely get myself out the door. The hardest part is always the first step. The same applies to studying aviation law (which is literally the most boring thing I’ve ever read) for work. It took me forever to start reading the first page of it, but once I start taking notes, I don’t stop until I’m done the entire document.

Next week I will be heading back to China to complete my training, and I’ll return to Hong Kong at the end of November – just in time for my graduation ceremony! If you ask me now, I will admit that I do feel a bit of regret for not going to my graduation ceremony in Toronto. The patch of grass outside University College is just so classic for UofT graduates, but instead, I’ll only have a picture from inside a building (who cares if it’s the Ritz-Carlton!?).

Oh wells. What’s done is done.

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