Catching Up and Giving Thanks

This is kind of a random post, but I’m heading back to China tomorrow, and I just want to clear everything off my mind that I have regarding Hong Kong. I take pictures of everything so that I can remember what I want to write about, and when I look back at my photos, I realize that a lot of the tiny details that I’m fascinated by might not fascinate everyone else as well. And then I just end up not writing about them. Well anyway, here are a few that have made it past my shortlist, and I still have the motivation to write about it.

There’s a new tram on the streets – as in, another upgrade from the existing trams. I don’t really like it… it takes away from the classic tram style that we’re all so familiar with. In fact, its resemblance with a bus is just too uncanny.


Speaking of public transportation and their upgrades, I remember when I came back to Hong Kong in 2008, and I accidentally found myself on a bus with no air conditioning. At the time, of course I noticed it looked a lot older than the other buses, but I didn’t know it was ‘special’ in a sense. Nowadays, there is no way you’ll ever find a non-air-conditioned bus on the streets.

And while we’re talking about old visits, why don’t we jump back 15 years… when I came back to Hong Kong for the first time after immigrating to Canada? I was only 8 years old back then, but one thing I really remember visiting was this very same Snoopy’s World in Shatin. Lots of the decorations are still exactly the same, and as you can probably guess, the colours are all faded… but it’s pretty cool to compare the ‘then and now’.



I don’t know if you are all into the ‘Sadness’ hype, but it’s a really big thing here in Hong Kong. Of course, Inside Out was an excellent movie. It was an adorable animation with a very strong and meaningful message, and certainly very successful in making itself stand out. But Sadness in itself is another crazy success. It’s her short, stubby figure, with the round glasses, and just so sad… people in Hong Kong can’t get enough of her.

When I was at Disneyland, I already saw this: Joy, Disgust, Fear, and Anger, all lined up with 50% off tags. Sadness was nowhere to be seen:


Then the other day at Causeway Bay, I saw this: a tiny Sadness stuffed toy for $300 HKD. Wow, really?! If I were Sadness, I definitely wouldn’t be quite as sad.


I always visit Stanley, but I’ve never stopped by to see Repulse Bay… until now. It’s not the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely a nice place to relax for an afternoon. The sunset is a bit hidden behind the mountains, but there is a trail out to a more southern location for a better view to the west.


And finally, I just want to end on a note of thanksgiving. It was Canadian Thanksgiving last week in Canada, and my friends and I couldn’t get a free day to meet together until last night, but we did it – we finally shared a Thanksgiving dinner in each other’s company. It’s funny how these things never really mattered when you were back at home. I mean, sure, they ‘matter’, but when you’re away from home, it’s these small things that give you your identity. Hong Kongers won’t set aside a date in October to give thanks; in fact, our holiday just went by unnoticed. But for us Canadians, this day is strong in our hearts, and it reminds us of who we are.

I had a great night. It was one of those days where there is just so much joy and laughter, but when you think back, you don’t really remember what exactly you were laughing about – you just know it was good.


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