New Year’s is usually the best excuse for a blogger to blog. There’s a lot of symbolism in this whole ‘new year, new step ahead’ thing, and even if you don’t have any great plans for this upcoming year, you could at least reminisce on the past year.

Instead, I spent my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at work, and I’ve been too lazy/tired to blog. Until now. The more I think about it, the more I realize: 2015 really has been an amazing year.

I opened my eyes to the world in 2015. I was just counting the places I’ve been to over this past year, and suddenly realized I’ve averaged more than one flight per month this year! Some are places that I’ve been planning and excited about for the longest time – like my Europe trip. Others, like Hainan, are places I found out I would be visiting literally 3 weeks before flying. I wasn’t so keen at first, but the longer I stayed there, the more I realized how cool this semi-urban Chinese city could be.

I graduated in 2015. Seeing four years of hard work represented by once piece of paper; seriously, no words can ever adequately express that moment. For people who have graduated and know what I’m talking about, they get it. For other people, it’s just an event to respect and politely clap with the crowd. And along with graduating, I also left Toronto – the city that I never actually moved to – for good. It’s a funny feeling, missing the place that you never really liked. Whether you like it or not, you still experienced a lot of growth there, and there will always be a part of Toronto in me that defines who I am.

I started my career in 2015. That job hunt was a ridiculous roller coaster ride, but somehow I got through it and I’m still in one piece. Work is never easy, no matter what city you’re in. I definitely feel the pressure in the midst of this ever-bustling city of Hong Kong. The most important thing is that you’re working towards your love and passion, because love is what keeps this world going.

Of course there’s a lot more to 2015 than that. Family trips to Whistler… twice. Almost dying from a walk in the freezing cold Toronto weather. New York. Building an airplane, and the amazing feeling of accomplishment when you see it fly. Gradball. Eurotrip. The best summer in Vancouver that I’ve had in a while. Hating the 6-month long summer in Hong Kong. Going on the first business trip of my life. Getting surgery. Forming a new family with old Vancouverite friends in Hong Kong. It really has been a blessed year.

To be honest, I have nothing exciting planned for 2016. My graduation trip is now behind me, and this upcoming year is my “work and save money year” for the next big event in my life. Maybe I’ll sneak a trip with my company benefits to somewhere close by in Asia, but I definitely won’t be exploring too far. Besides, I also have my exams to take. I’ve already finished 4 of them (the 4 easiest ones) this year, and one of my resolutions is to finish the remaining 9 within this year without having to retake them. I’m so done with school and studying… I can’t wait to be done with these exams as well.

I’m four days late, but I sincerely wish you all a blessed 2016. May this year be the best one yet!

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