Catch Up

After another extremely long hiatus, here I am once again. Christmas, New Year, and the Lunar New Year have all come and gone just like that. In Canada, I remember feeling the depression after going back to school from the winter holidays. In Hong Kong, the festive spirit lasts for another month or so to cover the Chinese New Year, but after that, it’s still the same depression.

I’ve gone on my trip to Vancouver – Toronto – Chicago and back to Hong Kong. It was more busy than anything, really… running around to meet friend after friend. But in the midst of it all, I also got to enjoy some activities. Snowboarding, for instance, is something I don’t get the luxury of enjoying in Hong Kong. I also tried snowshoeing for the first time since elementary school. It’s really just hiking on snow, so it’s not exactly hard. If you have a group of people of different levels of fitness, it serves as a good activity.


I believe the Peak 2 Peak Gondola was already in service last time I came to Whistler, but I never took a ride on it. I guess I never saw the point in that gondola, since I’m there to actually snowboard and I can snowboard on either mountain. But since it’s included in your super expensive lift ticket, I decided to give it a try. The view is really amazing – definitely worthwhile!


This is us almost at Blackcomb Mountain, looking back towards Whistler. Sometimes you don’t really realize how big this mountain is until you look at it from this perspective…


Toronto was, well, the same old Toronto. Some things never change. I do miss it a bit, but mainly because of the people there that I haven’t seen in a while. And of course, I feel a bit nostalgic that university is already behind me… especially when four years seemed like an eternity in the beginning. But then, I suppose that’s what age and maturity really is… you don’t grow older until you really move on and feel these emotions of nostalgia.


And then Chicago, that was really something special. It was my first time in Chicago, and like last time in NYC, I was just completely awestruck by the city. It was another ‘bright lights, busy city’ kind of feel. It was huge, it was diverse, it was simply amazing. I didn’t get much time to truly explore the city, but with the limited time that I had, we still went on a few photowalk adventures.




Compared to NYC, Chicago is obviously the ‘baby’ city. When you’re on Manhattan, you seem to never reach the end of the city, whereas once you go far enough from Chicago downtown, you’ll start to see things spreading out a bit. Even when we got to United Center (home of the Blackhawks), the neighbourhood already seemed to be a bit more relaxed. You have detatched buildings that are a bit shorter, rather than an abundance of high-rise buildings. But when you’re in downtown Chicago, it’s an extremely walkable area. There’s so much to see all around. Just watching the city live itself out is quite exciting in itself.

I should mention that one of the reasons why I have been a bit more lazy with blogging is because Dropbox is ending their service for public hosting. WordPress only gives me 2 GB of free media space, and I ran out ages ago, so I uploaded them on Dropbox and linked to them from here. However, now that Dropbox is ending that support, I have nowhere else to turn. It seems like my only option is to reduce my picture quality (which I hate to do, but unfortunately I have no choice), and then re-upload them all – which is an incredible waste of time. And so, while I’m not writing as much these days, I’m actually still doing a lot of work backstage.

January whizzed by because of my nice long vacation. I’m going to SF in March, and I also plan to be back in Vancouver in September for a little bit. After working for a year an a half consecutively, this year is finally my time to have some fun!

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