Jasmine, also commonly known as a flower, a type of rice, a Disney princess, and a tea. This particular Jasmine was born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, and graduated from Aerospace Engineering in Toronto. Oh, and also an avid fan of the Vancouver Canucks!

A blog, consisting of pictures and words. And the occasional video.

Since September of 2013, and appearing whenever there is something worth mentioning. If you have the heart for it, every day of life is an adventure.

Somewhere on planet Earth, but no details can be guaranteed. Who knows where life might take you!

A person’s memory is just too insufficient to record life’s amazing journeys. Technology, such as pictures and videos, are great aids documenting our experiences, but people often neglect the words that can’t be expressed through a picture. If pictures really are worth a thousand words, those words that they speak are always taken from the same bucket of vocabulary. They say ‘hot’ instead of ‘burning’, ‘boiling’, ‘fiery’; and ‘cold’ instead of ‘bitter’, ‘bleak’, ‘freezing’. Picture quality can be improved with a nicer camera and more megapixels, but if you want a good quality story, nothing can compare to words. Most importantly – this flower loves to write.

Summer of 2013. This flower somehow stumbled her way to Osaka for an exchange opportunity. To document her travels and experiences, she started a blog and accumulated a few supporters along the way.
That’s now in the past, but the adventure sparked up her passion for writing once again. This blog continues her story after Osaka.

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